In this video I make a bamboo trellis for my butternut squash plants to grow on.

Inspired by similar bamboo teepees to grow vining crops on, I harvested bamboo poles from a stand of bamboo plants in a local park and cut them so that their hollow interiors were revealed. I then hammered lengths of rebar into the ground for the bamboo poles to slide over, angling them so that when placed on either side of a walkway, they arched overhead.

I joined the bamboo poles on opposite sides of the path at the top with zip ties and then placed another bamboo pole horizontally across all of the other bamboo and zip tied it together to give the structure more rigidity.

To give the squash something to latch onto while the plants are growing, I then tied string horizontally across the bamboo poles about every 6 inches, going up the face of each side of the trellis.

The squash was then planted at the base of each bamboo pole and will be trained to grow up the entire structure. The idea is that by the end of the summer there will be a living tunnel that you can walk under with the butternut squash hanging down.

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Build a Simple Bamboo Trellis

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