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►Download the free eBook by signing up to the Epic Gardening mailing list – In my first ever Epic Gardening tutorial, I’ll show you how I built this simple hydroponics herb garden. This bad boy costs under a hundred dollars and will provide your kitchen with the freshest herbs possible no matter what time of year it is. Can be placed indoors or outdoors with almost no maintenance required! Follow Epic Gardening: Blog: Shop: Forums: Facebook: Twitter: hydroponic herb garden indoor hydroponics herb garden hydroponic herbs hydroponic indoor herb garden diy hydroponic herb garden hydroponic herb garden diy hydroponics herbs hydroponic herb windowsill hydroponic herb garden diy indoor hydroponic herb garden indoor herb garden hydroponic hydroponic herbs indoors growing herbs hydroponically herb hydroponics herbs hydroponic Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Full Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide” by Epic GardeningDIY Garden Path Ideas and Build (+ Why I Started Epic Gardening)hydroponic herb garden – INDOOR CHEAP AND EASY I’LL SHOW YOU HOWHow To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 1 of 2)Beginners’ Gardening Tips : How to Build an Indoor Herb GardenAero Garden Hydroponic Gardening System Herb kit

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  • Damian Freeman 4 years ago

    hi sorry I miss heard you did you say must I keep out of the sun or in the sun if possible?? please reply .thanks

  • Epic Gardening 4 years ago

    +BackToConstitution You can download it by signing up to the mailing list at the bottom of this post:

  • Nick LaDieu 4 years ago

    what is the link to get on the mailing list. I don't see any such thing on your homepage. The links in the description do not include the newsletter signup. Many thanks

  • Kenny112 4 years ago

    What size reservoir are you using? It seems a little deep, I think a shallower one would be better.

  • Epic Gardening 4 years ago

    Hey – you can download the ebook at my site in the video description – just sign up for the newsletter (it's free!)

  • BackToConstitution 4 years ago

    Download the ebook? Where?

  • DoItYourself 4 years ago