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PLEASE READ the installation notes below. For further information visit Think of “building a hedge” rather than “planting plants”. You’ll get a better, tidier, healthier result. 1. Dig a trench the same depth as the hedge bag and up to twice the width (if possible). Keep aside a reasonable amount of soil for back filling. Resolve any drainage issues at this stage. Most plants, particularly NZ natives, do not like ‘wet feet’. 2. Place out the hedge bags in front of the trench, with the Living Walls™ logos facing the same direction. If your hedge bags are numbered, then place the bags in numerical order left to right. This is the order that the hedges were growing in at the nursery, so they should slot together nicely. 3. To remove the bag, cut open the two square ends of the bag. Avoid kicking or roughly handling the rootball, as this will weaken your hedge. 4. Place one unit of hedge per metre, with each rootball approx. 10cm apart (the rootballs are 90cm but the foliage is ~1m). 5. Settle all of the units into place, to your liking, before back filling. Back fill with some of the loosened soil you dug out, packing it firmly around the rootball, but do not compact the soil. We DO NOT RECOMMEND soil amendments in the trench such as rocks, compost or fertiliser. ONLY CUT the rootball if needed, e.g. when a part metre is required. Cut with a saw rather than a spade. This will reduce potential root damage. 6. Water the hedge in REALLY WELL immediately after planting by slowly applying at least 10–30 litres of water per metre of hedge, depending on size. 7. Staking should only be required in very exposed conditions. 8. Once planted, add a good layer […]

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