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John from shares with you how you can build your own vertical pallet garden using an old shipping pallet. In this episode John goes on a field trip to Orange County Farm supply to share with you their hanging vertical garden made from an old shipping pallet. In addition, John shares with you how to deal with pests in your garden organically without the use of man made chemical poisons. In addition you will learn the most important aspect of a vegetable garden the soil and the best nutrients to add to supercharge your plant growth to grow bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsBackyard Farming with Food FUN – Vertical Pallet Gardening – 2014Ideas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningAt Barrett House, food is climbing up the walls! (Vertical Garden installation video)

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  • Erik Pearson 1 year ago

    19 minutes in "now the reason for this whole episode" lol =D love this guy!

  • Ivan Castillo 1 year ago

    hey john just wanted to say thank you very much for all your gardening info. ive been watching alot of your vids and have started a small but very proud vegetable and herb garden. also i wanted to say that i live in socal. and very close to the orange county farm supply yet i have never ever heard of them!!!!!! thank you for letting us know who they are. all of my gardening needs have come from the big box department stores but ive been putting alot of emphasis on just the organic stuff such dr earth and worm castings with good compost when i buy from thse stores. however ill check out oc farm supply!!!! thanks john!!!!

  • Tod munaut 1 year ago

    Awesome brain you have!

  • JASON Z 1 year ago

    Judges? Judges? Yup, that was a ginger joke! Well done! Great vids.

  • Terry Thomas 1 year ago

    John, it was almost impossible to understand what you were saying because other people were talking nearby. If you had a directional wireless microphone near your mouth, those folks would not be heard.

  • Roberto Abarca 1 year ago

    lol wtf I go there all the time! Gotta go get more amendments soon!

  • Robin Frey 1 year ago

    If I had fire ants i'd boil hot water and pour over the mound of fire ants
    ,or buy pet bedding and pick out just the red cedar and place the red cedar out there the fire ants will eat and die.

  • Robin Frey 1 year ago

    i'd use some salt and trow it around the plants on the ground.But not too much just in the area where I get snails.One time a year.

  • Sheri Karanasos 1 year ago

    Heading out to build one now! I picked up 4 great pallets in very good shape. Each pallet has a stamp on it. Be sure it says, "HT" which stands for heat treated and not chemically treated. Thanks for the videos!

  • Jefferdaughter 1 year ago

    As others have pointed out, caution should be used when considering using pallets to grow food.  Some have been treated with toxic synthetic chemicals (to kill insects that might be hitching a ride, primarily).

  • Brian Boe 1 year ago

    A lot of pallets are made of cottonwood or oak ….and very few are treated

  • Carve This Spoon 1 year ago

    23 minute intro haha

  • JD Walters 1 year ago

    Talks way too much!!!!! Other than that, I could finish the video

  • Sarah Norment 1 year ago

    Won't the bug blaster, Neem, DE, etc harm or even kill your lady bugs?

  • J Bajan 1 year ago

    Hay John, five mins into this vid you talk about skewering slugs at night – I do this, works. But it's v.important to let everyone know… snails nurture their eggs – ie after each foraging they return to the eggs and slime them up (contains an inhibitor). So when you kill them the inhibitor is then not added so the eggs can hatch (not sure of the exact timing) but this means the new slugs hatch after their parent is killed. Meaning you need to be vigilant and continuing expecting small/young slugs shortly days after you originally killed the parent(s).

  • Bryce Rush 1 year ago

    I have fire ants in the garden they nearly killed my pumpkin seedling by either eating or building a mound at the roots. How do I get rid of them? I set up a borax/jelly bait board but idk hw well it's working.

  • Derek Smith 1 year ago

    could buy lots of greens for what you spent on all that micro rhizae + worm casting crap.  Plants don't need all trace minerals, what plants evolved in that environment?  About none, especially cultivated crops – that should be hearty enough to survive in spare AND depleted soils.  You are breeding spoiled plants there, ones that can't survive the normal conditions of the wild – I don't think that's sustainable dude.

  • Hern Berferd 1 year ago

    Dr. Earth's fantastic "organic" snake oil compost blend packaging cost more then the dirt in the bag. Yes pick a good fertilizer, or make it yourself…but for fuck sake, don't buy some bull shit compost just because the packaging looks good or some ass hole tole you to buy it. I bet that bag of dirt cost $20 or more when you can make it for nothing or just a few bucks for a plastic tote. 

  • John Franklin 1 year ago

    What a scam.. guy is just going through the whole store saying it's ALL good…half an hour and it's all stupid shit that everyone knows, for example 19:49 "all the nutrients are coming from your soil" sheesh, no shit.
    Half an hour and it's only after 20 minutes that it gets to the stupid pallet…

  • Jimmy Stallion 1 year ago

    Great info. 

    Terrible title for the info you have included.