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In part three of our series, senior editor Justin Fink frames our garden shed’s roof. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLove Your Garden – Shed RoofRoof Framing 101 Volume 1.0Briggs Ave Green Roof ShedROOF FRAMING CALCULATIONSSHED Green Roof 01How to Fix Shed Felt to Your Shed Roof


Green Roofs


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  • ravenlorans 1 year ago

    And People get Pissed when I say I want to build my house like this shed. WTF? It's MY HOUSE! I can build it any way I fucking Fell like building it.The People who offer their help and then also get pissed because I am not paying them. I didn't Ask for your help and Told you I can't afford to pay you. So why are you getting Pissed because I never paid you for the Help You OFFERED Freely?

  • Brian B 1 year ago

    Srsly…Where are the rest of the videos?

  • alex cruz 1 year ago

    precision image construction service

  • kempouk 1 year ago

    garden shed, them logs are bigger than what my house is made from, so if you were building a house would you use 12×12 inch timbers ?

  • John C 1 year ago

    Did you fall off and die where is the rest of the videos?

  • Jon Harmil 1 year ago

    you're a smart man… thanks for your presentation… very informative…

  • 68gulfstream 1 year ago

    Should be banned for UK viewers : NO ADEQUATE SAFETY EQUIPMENT ? NO  HI-VIS VEST AT LEAST ??? OUTRAGING !!! :))) British kids, women and elderly , DO NOT LOOK !!!! This man is crazy ! HE IS A HUMAN BEING , not yet processed by (British) system ! … kiddind. You're doing a gret job there , whish to see builders doing such nice things on a HOUSE here !

  • thanxx 1 year ago

    try dipping them big screw bolts in silicone grease. makes your battery last longer and they're easier to drive home.

  • Cajun man 1 year ago

    theses plans were done in Sketch-up.

  • robviolin1 1 year ago

    Very helpful.

  • DESAFIO CESAR MEJIA 1 year ago


  • greg rawls 1 year ago

    Okay… I am intimidated now… Maybe I will stick with a slanted roof

  • Benito Caspo 1 year ago

    americans should build houses this strong..not a pergola..????

  • usertubeification 1 year ago

    I guess he's parking his Sherman tank on this…

  • Carlos Rivera 1 year ago

    Excelente video, muy bien explicado, gracias

  • MtnXfreeride 1 year ago

    6×6 roof rafters on a small shed?  overkill

  • Erik Pendleton 1 year ago

    Where is the rest?

  • N Kel 1 year ago

    skip sheathing, fly rafter ? explain more would'a been nice

  • ScotsFurian 1 year ago

    Yea if its just a garden shed its crazy to use such heavy timber. Such a waste. I suspect its the usual american largeness. However I can also be guilty of over engineeering at times so .. There may well be a valid reason for the heavy timber use but whatever. Its just one more tree. 🙁 Makes my efforts to use reclaimed wood as much as possiable in my projects seem pointless !

  • Ryan Fowler 1 year ago

    3d looks to be sketchup a free software that is owned by Trimble. That she's however is way over built, I'm sure it wasn't cheap.