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A detailed 15 minute video of building a wood planter box found on Followed by a 10 minute talk about buying your first tool or tools that might be needed or help you to build it. The page and cut list can be found here: Related PostsDIY Cedar Planter Made Using Fence Pickets Easy Cheap Afternoon BuildBuild an easy, inexpensive wood planter boxEasy Wall Planter Build – Decomid Woodworking #7Turn a free shipping pallet into a large garden wooden planter boxDIY: AWESOME Wooden Succulent Planter Box!Vintage Wooden Garden Flower Planter Box Planter Storage Wall Mounted Organizer

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  • fuckingfuckfuckfuck 1 year ago

    Great video – one question, will the screws on the top level be visible when looking down onto the planter?

  • Gordon Brownlee 1 year ago

    Thanks for this, it worked well and I have been asked by a neighbour to make one for her! A

  • Vitaly Sitkilov 1 year ago

    it has very well turned out, the varnish with taste has picked up, it has turned out semi-antique

  • pensive nincompoop 1 year ago

    These woods are not cheap

  • SueAnn Tomlinson 1 year ago

    Great info! Thanks Andy

  • Tanya Garner 1 year ago

    Andy, I love your planer, I love your video! I thought this would be really easy for me to make my first planer but I am literally killing myself trying to figure out how to convert the plans from from CM to INCHES!!! Can you help?

  • John Mccumiskey 1 year ago

    thank you andy. great video. my wife loves stuff like this.

  • John Mccumiskey 1 year ago

    this video in inches would be fantastic. because now i need to figure out exact sizes and i do not work in CM…when i convert from cm to inches i get fractions and not exact measurements.

  • Denis Iahnes 1 year ago


  • demi craik 1 year ago

    Thank you I was just making sure before I made one

  • demi craik 1 year ago

    Hi there I've being watching the video how to make this what size wood do I need thanks comment soon

  • awaken consciousness 1 year ago

    love it

  • Dean Fountain 1 year ago

    Thanks matey….. Going to give it go!

  • Da Stig (Boyles) 1 year ago

    Take your attachment out of the drill and give it a tap and the bit should come out. Bits are important as well.
    You can have the best drill in the world but if your bits are made of cheese then it's pointless. seen many of expensive bit holders ruined by cheap bits. Never use that bit that comes with the box of screws. Its the equivalent of an IKEA allen key!

  • Φωτης Αλεξιου 1 year ago

    μπραβο φιλε πολυ καλη δουλεια

  • Mandy Twitchen 1 year ago

    I can make one of those! Thanks to your tutorial, very easy to follow thanks for sharing :-D

  • Scottish Documentaries 77 1 year ago

    Great stuff, monty don would be proud!

  • handsomethecat 1 year ago

    Sir please provide the complete information about approx total cost in the video description.. thank you very much!

  • TheDarkpassenger23 1 year ago

    How do I make the beds if they are not square? Do I need to do anything different? the space for my garden bed is 18" width on one end and 42" width at the other end. Thanks

  • Adrien Piro 1 year ago

    Great video! I would have never been able to do this gardener without it. Keep going! I will check your other videos now. Thanks mate