Added by on 2018-07-30 What happens when you rip the guts out of a top-of-the-line grow box and put them into a grow tent? You get a deluxe hydroponics starter kit like this one Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Nutrients Explained Plus Choosing Grow Lights and Hydroponics Starter KitsChoosing Grow Lights and Hydroponics Starter Kits Plus Hydroponics Nutrients for Great ResultsLED Starter Kit – Hydroponics for DummiesHydroponic starter kits Hydroponics System of Gardening HasBuild Your Own Hydroponic Starter KitsGLF PhytoPot Starter Kit | Affordable Home Hydroponics Growing System

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  • louisanmial 8 months ago

    Check out my starter kit. Lol

  • Michelle Blackburn 8 months ago

    does that fan really produce enough are flow for 9 plants?

  • Hydroponicstoday 8 months ago

    Thank you tell your friends

  • Hydroponicstoday 8 months ago

    depends on your rates about 35-45 per month as is. Thanks