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Super BubbleFlow Buckets are the best Fully Automated, Recirculating, Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System on the market today. It grows plants faster than any traditional hydroponic system because it combines multiple types of hydroponics into one system! With the benefits of ebb and flow, bubbleponics, and deep water culture all in one, your plants are sure to grow vigorously. For the techie plant lover in all of us, Ikea will soon offer indoor hydroponic gardening kits. AND with the advancements in 3D printing, your custom digital designs can now be made into actual home gardening planter sets. This May, Ikea is releasing an indoor hydroponic system that will allow you to grow your own tasty lettuce and herbs, anywhere. Hydroponics simply means growing plants in water without soil. The kit was developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists in Sweden to make it as easy as possible to enjoy your little greenhouse garden. With a variety of seed options, the sprouts start in a tray atop water-absorbant plugs. Once they have matured enough, they are moved to a little bit bigger pot filled with crushed pumice. The planter comes with a built in water-level sensor to take the stress out of maintaining a steady watering routine. Light from your window can be used to grow the seedlings, or you can take advantage of the built in solar lamp. The KRYDDA/VÄXER series includes everything you need for your indoor gardening adventure. The kit will first become available for UK customers only and Ikea has yet to release any pricing details. A company called Logro Farms is on their 2nd kickstarter campaign to launch a 3D Growers collection of 3D printed planters. You can create your own unique planter from a limitless combination of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Examples include hanging planters […]

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  • unknown cuyler 7 months ago

    but there is no drain.. this is not ebb n flo(flood and drain) that is called a rdwc look it up before you go waste your time inventing something thats already been done..

  • Alladin Delapa 7 months ago

    Is it possible to get a 3×4 bucket system instead of 6×2 I have a room 7×11 which gives me very little space for in regards to accommodating the longer flow..