💥In this new experiment we have brought back the Broccoli soil vs hydroponics experiment! Since our last broccoli “soil vs hydroponics” video we have spent a lot more time growing hydroponically and have found a strong consistent competitor.

💦For our hydroponics tray we used biostrate as our grow medium and Ocean Solution 2-0-3 as our nutrient!

👣For our soil trays we have 3 different competitors; Coco-coir, Miracle grow organics & Roots organics “microgreens” soil.

Hope you enjoy!!!


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Broccoli Soil vs Hydroponics On The Grow

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  • dragoncarver

    I worked for a Miracle Grow plant for a few months. I would not trust them when they claim "organic" Yes they did use composted manure and had LOT of sources… but they added something in liquid form. I have no idea what it was… it was above my pay grade to know. snicker snicker I won't use the stuff unless I was totally desperate. Even then I would have to think about it a while. I'll keep on trying to get a good grow. There's a lot of help in these vids. Thank you

  • David Dancause

    Mandi, my broccoli seeds from True Leaf suggest a soak and rinse process. Initially two to three times daily, then once per day after third day. I was about to use either of coco coir and soil I have on hand.

    Your thoughts?

  • Follow The White Rabbit

    It's awesome what you guys are doing… Keep up the good work! I've started growing microgreens from my bedroom in 2 large trays that are 40×20 " …. I'm experimenting first… So if some of it goes wrong, it's ok…. Trial and error… Data recording is the key

  • Chris Jones

    HI CJ, one more question for this week. When you were doing 1020's in the 10" wide channels NFT with a "biostrate" media, what 1020's did you have the media in (mesh bottom or slotted) and if a mesh bottom did you sit it into a slotted 1020 in the channel or just the mesh bottom directly into the channel? Whoa…hopefully you can follow that! Basically at 1:23 in this video,what am I looking at?

  • umesh t k

    I am proud to say that you guys are owesome, i am watching, taking useful notes and started small microgreen unit in my dinning hall and getting better result. I am testing organic NPK FERTILIZER so can you do some research about organic or home made nutritions instead of ocean solution & hydrogen peroxide??
    Note : i mainly focusing on hydrophonic method (tray method).

  • wade wade

    Great video as usual. Have a great tip for you too. Don't ever inverse the order of the plants pre-growth to postgrowth that was really confusing where the ocean was on the right and then postgrowth it was on the left

  • Joe Kimanski

    You should add the nutrients to the coco for a comparison unless you have and I missed that video? Just curious how it compares to the Texas/roots organics and even biostrate vs coco both with same nutrients

  • Steve Wright

    Interesting video thanks! Purpling of stems likely first signs of Phosphate nutrient deficiency – Coco-coir will hold onto P tightly. The oceans hydroponic NPK is 0 (zero) for P. The Miracle Grow is a growing on compost not a seed compost and while likely has plenty of nutrients maybe has less aeration compared to Roots Organics. As a good rule of thumb – if you want big tops you need to have big bottoms (large root system) – you can nearly always trouble shoot poor yield / poor growth by looking at the root environment – seedlings are particularly sensitive to poor aeration – so the Roots Organics looks to be a good bet for hobby growers without hydroponics. Keep the videos coming!

  • Locke19901

    Hydro – nutrients
    Miracle Grow Soil – nutrients
    Microgreen soil mix – nutrients
    Coco – No nutrients ……… I think it'd be useful to see Hydro vs Coco with the same nutrients in each, to see actually which growing medium is better and separate that from nutrients.