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The Broadmor Garden is located on the school campus and is open to all students, faculty, staff and parents. It contains both vegetable and xeriscape beds, as well as a compost station. The Garden is maintained by a group of student and parent volunteers who meet regularly to discuss ideas, work in the garden and build community spirit. Students often visit the garden during school hours with their teacher as well. The garden provides a wonderful space for children to not only learn about plants and food science, but also to enrich their observation and exploratory thinking skills. The composting program in the garden is maintained by a group of fifth grade students on the Recycling Leadership Team. They oversee the composting program from start to finish, beginning in the school cafeteria and ending in the composting bins. Produce is distributed to Broadmor staff, students and families during Harvest Days. Food is picked fresh that day and shared free of cost in an effort to discover new foods and encourage healthier food choices. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShamrock Gardens Elementary School GardenKihei Elementary School GardenTUSD1 – Manzo Elementary School Garden to Cafeteria Event!Wilkinson Elementary School – Student GardenHollinger Elementary School Garden Thank YouElementary School Garden Club – Georgia Farm Monitor

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