See the steps involved in constructing a green roof on the shed at the Briggs Ave Community Garden in Durham, NC Green Roof publications: …

Briggs Ave Green Roof Shed

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  • NC A&T Community Gardens

    We hired a contractor to build it and I would advise that you get
    professional help involved as they will need to take into account the added
    weight of the roof when building the shed. The shed must be engineered to
    hold the weight of the roof. I’ve put some links to extension publications
    on green roofs in the video description that should be helpful. ~ Michelle
    Wallace | Consumer Horticulture Agent

  • zenmagicality

    Great video. What advice do you have for how to brace the sides and how to
    construct the roof. I am building a shed but I have stopped at the
    foundation because I want to make sure I do it right. Thanks

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