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We re build a front garden wall . The old one was a single skin wall and crumbling . The new one is double skin with 2 new 18 “ pillars . The original foundation was wide enough and in good condition. We also built in a duct so the virgin cable can pass through the wall Related PostsHanging Bottle Wall Garden Part 2Over the Garden Wall Vlogs: Part 2Animals in the Garden for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn English Speaking with Wow English TVHalloween/Thanksgiving Special – Atomic Reacts: Over The Garden Wall Episodes 1-5 (Part 1)How to Design and Plant a Part Shade Living Wall GardenHow to Design and Plant a Part Shade Living Wall Garden

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  • Richard Cole 6 months ago

    Professional and with that comes quality …

  • Mike Mackay 6 months ago

    Good, clean, quality job. British style. Well done boys.

  • Justin czichray 6 months ago

    It's nice to see someone strike something below grade

  • Nice clean job lads .

  • quality

  • toddsjaws todd 6 months ago

    Where we live a mason is trained to do all aspects of masonry in a 4 year apprenticeship and that’s all he or she will focus on not building scaffolding or carrying mortar. Just the set of skills of a mason.A mason tender builds scaffolding brings all of our material to us. They are in a different union than us. They carry Hodd it holds more mortar and brick

  • toddsjaws todd 6 months ago

    How many days did it take. And does the other guy know how to build a lead. Why don’t you use a mason tender. And why are you showing the video in high speed. Also why do you use an aluminum level

  • Gary Harris 6 months ago

    Looks tidy but why did you not put polythene down on path saves a ton of cleaning up

  • dhb 57 6 months ago

    Good clean job, They all will want one now! Thanks for good video.

  • Ryan Wheatley 6 months ago

    Love it 🙂 🙂 old style of bricklaying dont see this style of bricklaying around my way I live in surrey not many brickes do bet do in different areas not seen it in mine

  • David Burt 6 months ago

    Nice job lads I like a garden wall these days because I'm older than God and not much taller than a Welly . it's all gone curly .

  • bric bybrick 6 months ago

    Nice and tidy boys . Be nice to see a bit at normal speed like you did in the other video.i see ye use the Ox trowels .

  • viktor sukharyev 6 months ago

    Lovely job lads!