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John from goes on a field trip to a the local Orchid Show and learns about Boogie Brew, an Organic, Veganic Compost Tea so natural you can drink. In this episode you will learn just some of the benefits of compost tea and what sets Boogie Brew compost tea apart from other compost teas. In addition, you will learn about a clay-based trace mineral supplement for your garden and a easy to install in-line water filter for your garden hose. To get special discounted pricing for Growing Your Greens Viewers on Boogie Brew Products: Welcome back, GYG’ers! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCompost Tea Hydroponics Organic RecipeHydroponics Using Compost Tea (experiment)How to Compost : Learn Organic Garden Composting Online : How to Use Compost in Your GardenAdding Garden Soil Compost to a Raised Garden BedGardening Education Newsletter Worms Compost Organic News from Martys GardenCOMPOST, Pollinators, Raised Beds | Miracle Haven Garden | Phoenix, Arizona | Part 5

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  • Bruce b 4 years ago

    can you foliar feed clones a light compost tea?

  • TribalGlobe 4 years ago

    Isn't it more similar to a yogurt or sauerkraut, than a juice? Juice will degrade with time. Cultured live substrates expand over time and inhabit all available space as long as they have the right environment and their are adequate nutrients present

  • Daniel Grabstein 4 years ago

    LOLLL this is hilarious

  • Daniel Doss 4 years ago

    They say the brew is finished when it foams, but this isn't necessarily true as putting molasses alone with good water & aeration will cause foam, as will aloe vera. The only way you can truly know when a brew is complete is with the use of a microscope. Without a microscope, most suggest that an earthy rich smell is what you should look for rather than when foaming begins. With this being said, there is a lot of common knowledge about compost tea that's around and recent microscopic research has unveiled this information, so I do not necessarily hold this against either one of these guys. However, I would like them to address the topic either here or in a future video because they have several videos promoting the foaming characteristic as the best indicator for when your tea is done when this simply isn't true, as very foamy teas have microscopically shown less microbial life than other teas that weren't foamy.

  • jahineverybody 4 years ago

    Don't be so fast to dismiss the orchids John!  Even though most are not edible, there so neat and beautiful to see.  A gift from God, In my opinion.  I'm a small market farmer, and Vegan, so obviously I love the edibles, but I'm also in a couple Orchid society's and grew them inside under lights.  They all seem to like slightly different conditions, so its fun to learn about them, and how to best grow them.  Fun hobby.  Good video though!!  Boogie Brew Rules!

  • TruthInjector 4 years ago

    Great products.  Just one point, positively charged silver is not mercury.  Some call mercury, liquid silver because of it's silvery appearance however it is just mercury, not silver.  Silver is inert in reasonable quantities- not toxic. However mercury is toxic and will cause brain damage and bioaccumulate. Mercury is very difficult to remove from the body.  Mercury will absorb directly through the skin into the body. Do not touch mercury. Mercury is the major reason burning coal for power without effective scrubbers is a big problem.

  • Rex Landings 4 years ago

    I don't know man… This guy says he created it over 4 years of trial and error, but then later John meets with an engineer at another trade show, in the Boogie Brew booth, that says he invented the Boogie Brew. This guy is REALLY high on the Excelerite in this video, but if you go to there website they don't even sell it anymore. They sell something else.

    Then going to the Boogie Brew website you see they highlight and promote a LOT of John's videos there, kinda using him as their hawker. And John has been showing us a LOT of their products lately and talking about them a LOT lately.

    BUT, John has said he is not getting money from these people only the products for free to review them. This guy from Boogie Brew is a FAST talker and throws around a LOT of buzz words. I'm skeptical. I bought some Sea-90 and it came with a little bag of Boogie Brew and I'm gonna try it out and see if I notice any difference. It may do wonderful things, but I'm always leery of someone that talks as fast as this guy from Boogie Brew does, is touting that his product is the best, because of some numbers he throws out, and then a couple of years later find out he's touting some OTHER product that is better than the one he was so up on just a few years before. IMHO :-)

  • Daniel Gilliland 4 years ago

    I dig the passion these guys have, it's contagious.

  • BACK FROM THE GRAVE 4 years ago

    John, as always love the video. I have recently become a dealer for Boogie Brew and I have spent some time on the phone getting to know Josh (amazing man). I have my own web site and would like your permission to use your videos (embedded on my site) to promote everything Boogie Brew. Josh can vouch for me. 


  • MrTimjwilson 4 years ago

    John; I'd be glad to teach you about real compost tea any time. The kind which does not come in a bag.

  • jolene trick 4 years ago

    I paid $55 for Boogie Brew products and that was over 8 weeks ago! I still haven't received any products and not even a call or email. I called Josh and he told me it would be there the third week. I am so upset!

  • LaKeba Fondren 4 years ago

    Looks like the filter he gave you was just for outside hoses. I'd like to provide my plants with Non-Chlorinated water but I'm growing from a rented apartment space. All water comes from my sink faucet. How do I get a filter that will de-chlorinate my water so that I can use Boogie brew?   Any suggestions, John?

  • John Kite 4 years ago

    This is AMAZING! This guy is a legend!

  • Shane Mahlin 4 years ago

    6:50 omg creeper eyes look at the dudes eyes!..
    Love the boogie brew though!

  • Jacob Brink 4 years ago

    Can I use distilled water?

  • Jelly Bear 4 years ago

    awesome I want to try that boogie brew! I love veganics! 

  • Gerri L Turner 4 years ago

    So full of catchphrases!

  • ryan belter 4 years ago

    I feel like some people get a little elitist sometimes and poo poo what could be cool. He is selling it as a "one stop shop" because its marketed to people who are using synthetic ferts or have never made their own organic tea. I think the point is to make it easy for novices. Sure he over sells it and duh we don't need a filter but he still made a cool product that may get people to try something new. People just have to see what works over time. Thank you for the upload John, entertaining as always.

  • eon503 4 years ago

    Dude knows his shit, he makes so many garden personalities look stupid as fuck.

  • leifcatt 4 years ago

    I bought some boogie brew about 3 months ago and I can say that it really works well. My lettuces, basils, parsley, chives and catnip went nuts and grew like crazy. The basil had a sweetness that wasn't there before and my lettuces were more flavorful without the bitter edge to it in the larger leaves. The catnip is huge and the cats love it.
    I recommend the boogie brew for your garden.
     I am starting some oregano, nasturtium and sorrel and will boogie them as well. I can't wait!