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Brazilian farms are being tilled by American Midwest farmers hoping to join in Brazil’s rise as an agricultural power. Thomas Omestad, U.S. News & World Report videographer and reporter, interviews a few of these US farmers who were attracted by the relatively inexpensive farmland and adventure of farming in Brazil. For more details on American farmers in Brazil, please visit Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLocal Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing American MovementThe Farming Movement Changing The Face Of BrazilUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Vertical FarmingVertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuDickson Despommier On Vertical Farming

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  • LEAH I 2 weeks ago

    Damm devils

  • Fabio Bianchi 2 weeks ago

    So dumb, the girl is in the biggest coffee producer in the world dreaming about shit starbucks…

  • Mr.soj 2 weeks ago

    So stupid to sell cheep land to foreigners.

  • johnwalker1911 2 weeks ago

    You guys are all welcome in my country, people! Make yourselves home and enjoy your time in Brazil! You guys now have a second home! Cheers!

  • Swapna Mahato 2 weeks ago


  • Reggie Silva 2 weeks ago


  • Lucas Almeida 2 weeks ago

    Starbucks??? Come on now!

  • LaughShack 2 weeks ago

    Im going to Rio De Janiero in a few months and then to Registro,Sete Barras

  • Fernando Penas 2 weeks ago

    if you decide to get your coffe on places like starbucks you will really get charged this much.. if you opt to go on a simpler coffe shop , a regular grocreettings from Brazil!

  • Nkadi Sukidi 2 weeks ago

    this is great. I like the can I contact anyone who has moved to Brazil to farm, for more info, please

  • ressnar 2 weeks ago

    Coffee shop chain very overpriced!

  • LinoGermano 2 weeks ago

    Pra quem não gosta de americanos até que seu canal tem bastante coisa sobre eles. GTA? Os Vingadores? Sério criança?

  • LinoGermano 2 weeks ago

    20 reais for 2 cappuccinos? It,s too expensive. He Took advantage of you. There's no Doubt.

  • LinoGermano 2 weeks ago

    I,m from Brasil and I dont know what is Starbuck. Is it a U.S. convenience Coffee shop or what. Can you explain?

  • CatMienn 2 weeks ago

    Hummm. Bahia I guess.

  • originalkillerguitar 2 weeks ago

    Chemtrail at 2:18

  • Fabio Silva 2 weeks ago

    Please, ignore the comments of some Brazilian xenophobic, they are a minority. Americans entrepreneurs are always welcome in Brazil.

  • LaughShack 2 weeks ago

    The last guy seemed depressed in Brazil…Not too happy looking. I hope they speak fluent Portuguese living here.

  • LaughShack 2 weeks ago

    Yeah..Im an American and Im in San Jose Dos Campos right this second and spent 20.00 rias for 2 capachinos..I think the owner screwed me just because Im an America.It really pissed me off and it actually depressed me.He spoke English and said he's been to the states. Ive been here 5 times now.Coffees not so cheap. I guess in the country maybe not too bad.

  • nl junior 2 weeks ago

    i see that there are a lot of brazilians who criticize the americans for coming to Brazil, as if there wasn't any brazilians in the US
    ps: i'm brazilian