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Box Greens offers urban South Florida access to hydroponic box farms filled with fresh leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens. Barron and Merkle explore the science behind hydroponic farming, the growing national interest in plant-based eating, and current adoption of agriculture technology in Florida. Box Greens transforms old shipping containers into indoor hydroponic farms. A functioning container can produce about 600 to 800 heads of lettuce per week all year round, and a 320 square foot hydroponic farm yields the same amount of produce as a traditional 1-2 acre farm. Box Greens Site ➜ Get Our FREE Breakthrough Business Consultation now!➜ Have me speak at your event! ➜ Bench Accounting Software 20% Off First 6 Months Link ➜ ~Box Greens Hydroponic Farms in Shipping Containers – Sustainable Sourcing | The Barron Report ~ ⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺ More Foodable Shows ➜ Subscribe on YouTube ✔ ─────────────────────────── Foodable Network ➜ Facebook ➜ Twitter ➜ #sustainability #farming #sourcing Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBoston Businesses Growing Produce In Shipping ContainersShipping container house – Green roofVietnam: When Containers Are Turned into Hydroponic Vertical FarmsHow A Company Fits Five Acres Of Farmland Into Shipping ContainersUsing containers to stack high yield farms for urban produceEngineering Everywhere Special Report: Vertical Farms

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