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­I love bottle tower gardens; they’re an awesome way to maximise planting in small gardens whilst recycling all those plastic soda and water bottles. Thanks to Willam van Cotthem (link below), I was inspired to build my own bottle garden a few weeks ago, and now I’m planting it up with lettuces…that should keep the slugs and snails off ’em. Ha! If you want to find out how to build a bottle tower, and then how to plant one, come along for the ride! Willam van Cotthem’s bottle garden: Thanks for stopping by the Brimwood Farm channel. We’re a teeny urban smallholding trying to grow, garden and keep livestock on a tiny residential garden. Can you be self-sufficient and make money from an urban homestead? We’re on a mission to find out. Related PostsHOW TO BUILD A BOTTLE TOWERBOTTLE TOWER GARDENSBOTTLE TOWER GARDENSBottle tower garden project. 800 plants in 3 sqm.Bok Tower Gardens’ Century Plant in BloomBOTTLE TOWER GARDEN

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