My bonsai has lost several leaves at various times, certainly due to errors. now the branches are sprouting and producing some leaflets. at this point I find the leaves on top of the branch and upstream it is empty. it is losing its shape. what can I do? many thanks see you soon. Albert

maple bonsai

Dear Albert,

in order to grow a plant as a bonsai it is essential that it has everything it needs: correct lighting, regular watering, specific fertilizer, annual repotting, pruning of branches and roots. A well cared for bonsai, exposed to the right light and with a suitable climate for its development, grows harmoniously, without particular problems. In your request we note a simple deficiency that could also be the reason for the suffering of your bonsai: what plant is it? Yes, because, before you can grow a bonsai, it is essential to know what plant you are dealing with, and in a precise way, in order to understand how to grow it and therefore remedy any errors. Other than that, just by simply trying to understand what bonsai you are talking about, you are taking a step in the right direction; once you know the name of the species and the variety, you will find online (and also in printed manuals) a huge amount of information about your plant; first of all, its place of origin. Once we understand where the tree we are growing comes from, we will also be able to better understand where to place it, whether in the house or in the garden, how and how much to water it, its slow or rapid development, in order to prune it in the most correct way. Once you have all this information, start growing your bonsai in the way that suits you best; yes, because you can grow as bonsai an Acer buergerianum, originating in China, suitable for a cool and humid climate, or an olive tree bonsai, suitable for a Mediterranean climate; there is no general rule on how bonsai are grown at all. Of course, once you know the species and variety of your bonsai, you will have to consider that compared to the specimens that grow in nature, yours is in a tiny pot, with the roots pruned, and you have to make it grow “miniaturized”. But before you think about the various techniques for obtaining smaller leaves, or shorter internodes, it is essential that your plant is in full health. Only in this way will you have a compact and luxuriant vegetation, along the whole branch, and a healthy and vigorous plant, which will better withstand any water stress, or attack by parasites. So my advice, to make your bonsai recover from previous problems, and start sprouting all along the branch, is to grow it in the ideal way, without making any kind of mistake.

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