hello I wanted to know if in the month of March you can repot, from plant in vasaccio in bonsai pot. and then it is possible to prune fairly large branches on a Kosterian fir thanks in advance for the answers

Boxwood bonsai

Dear Giuseppe,

pruning and repotting are fundamental operations to obtain a beautiful healthy and well developed bonsai; However, they must be carried out at the right time of the year, to avoid suffering plants, prone to diseases, or even to avoid compromising their development. importance, is carried out for the whole arch of the anus; the most drastic pruning, those carried out only once a year, to form the crown, are practiced when the plants are in total or partial vegetative rest, therefore in autumn (October-November), or at the end of winter (January-February) ; the month of March is not very suitable for drastic pruning operations, because the plant is already in full vegetative growth. they are practiced when the plants are in vegetative rest, given that in changing the pot, the roots are usually also pruned; therefore this operation is generally done at the end of winter or in late spring, when the plants are not yet, or are no longer, in the middle of their spring awakening. To move a plant from the nursery pot to the semi-definitive bonsai pot, it is best to wait until late spring, in June-July; or this operation is practiced in February-March, but only if the plant has not already begun to swell the buds. therefore it is advisable to keep the plant in ideal conditions for its development, avoiding the scorching sun for many hours a day.

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