Hi, I just bought an olive tree bonsai about 30-35 cm high in a nursery in Imola. I would like to know everything there is to know about how to take care of bonsai and if there are any guides in the bookstore. Thanks in advance

olive tree bonsai

Dear David,

taking care of bonsai is a real art, which requires a good dose of time and dedication on the part of those who approach it; in the library you can find a large number of manuals on the subject, I suggest you start looking for one on pruning and one on repotting; because to keep the bonsai as such it is necessary to practice a series of precise and specific treatments. If you want some practical advice while you inquire, consider that your olive tree is in a small vase, so in winter keep it in a sunny and sheltered place, outdoors, and if in the area where you live it should freeze cover the vase with some non-woven fabric, to prevent it from freezing. The soil should always be kept a little moist, because your bonsai is evergreen, and it will not like the whole earth around its roots to become completely dry.

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BONSAI OLIVO – Bonsai Questions and Answers

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