hi, I would like to know why in some parts of my ginseng bonsai leaves grow much larger than the others .. what is this due? thanks.

ficus ginseng

Dear Alex,

the size of the leaves of the bonsai is not given and definitive, often even in an ancient bonsai, with many years of processing and cultivation in bonsai; are the various operations carried out every year (or every month), which allow to keep the size of the leaves contained, to better give the bonsai the appearance of a miniaturized tree, in all its characteristics. If these operations are not carried out, the leaves begin to develop similar in size to those of a sapling or a non-bonsaised shrub: if you were to try to sow a field maple, the young sapling, which will have a crown of 3-4 leaves, it will have leaves of practically identical dimensions to those of a field maple 8 meters high and with an immense crown. Pruning, small pots, special fertilizations and other practices tend to keep the bonsai small, as well as their leaves. If these operations are not carried out, the leaves will return to develop their more “normal” size. In addition to this, it often happens that strong fertilizations with products very rich in nitrogen, go to stimulate the development of particularly large leaves, which come out completely from the crown, and which develop much larger than all the other leaves of the bonsai. Already by decreasing the supply of this fertilizer, the growth of the leaves is less stimulated. Generally, even incorrect or not practiced pruning causes a particular development of the leaves, because the frequent pruning and topping of the bonsai tend to stimulate in the plant a large and regular production of buds and new leaves, in good quantity; the result is that the regular and progressive development of cards keeps them small in size. If you buy a well-bred bonsai plant, and stop pruning it in any way, the result will be that the plant will tend to produce fewer new shoots and new leaves; not less in general, but less than what it would have produced if properly pruned and raised. The result is leaves larger than those already present. I believe that if your bonsai has never been pruned, or has been pruned incorrectly; o if the fertilizer you provide is not suitable for a bonsai, starting to prune it correctly and with fertilizers suitable for bonsai and supplied at the right times of the year, it is likely that the next leaves produced by the plant will return to their regular size; even if, the big ones he has now, will remain big. To quickly shrink the leaves of your ficus, the most used method is defoliation, which consists in interrupting the supply of nitrogen fertilizer, and in the consequent removal (leaving the petiole) of the leaves, all or in part, and especially the larger ones; the first shoots that will emerge from the tips of the branches with the largest leaves should then be pinched, and the defoliation may have to be repeated. It is a fairly complex practice, so I invite you to inquire on the internet or with some guides.

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