The inverted broom style can be considered a variant of the formal erect; in fact, even here the plant must have an erect and very straight stem, at about two thirds of the height all the main branches stretch, which must therefore start from the same point of the stem, with an angle close to the perpendicular, with respect to the trunk. The secondary branches will be kept with the same trend as the main branches, forming a rounded crown. The name of this style derives from the resemblance of the bonsai formed to a broom broom facing upwards. To obtain a harmonious effect the branches must be kept the same length. This style is quite simple to obtain, also suitable for beginners, even if it is difficult to find suitable specimens in nature; sometimes a broom bonsai is prepared starting from a small plant that must be pollarded, to allow a well-shaped development of the first branches. For a good effect, choose densely branched essences and with small leaves, elms generally prove to be excellent.


Bonsai Broom Styles – Bonsai Styles – Bonsai Broom Styles

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