This is a video of the carillon museum and the 60 bell singing tower at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Whales, FL. It’s 205 ft tall, contains a 60 bell carillon manufactured by John Taylor Bellfounders, Ltd. in Loughboro, England. The bell weights vary from 16 pounds to 11 tons (1 ton=2,000 lbs) for a total weight of 63 tons. The tower itself is built on land that was owned by Edward Bok who commissioned the building of the tower and surrounding gardens. The tower was built from 1927-28 and was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in 1929. The tower was designed by Milton B Medary and the metal work was done by renowned metalworker Samuel Yellin. The hourly chimes tolled 13 at 2pm on this day only to remember the original thirteen colonies as this day is the 4th of July, our Independence Day. The piece that followed is Habanera by Georges Bizet. The scaled down display version of the door tells of the creation of the earth all the way down to the bottom of the door where it shows the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Edward Bok’s grave is located on the north side of the Bok Singing Tower, right in front of the large brass door.
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Bok Tower Gardens

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  • RatDaddy3

    This place is so Beautiful and very very Peaceful and you"ll be amazed by a bunch of Freindly Birds and especially Squirrels and the Music is Breathtaking.

  • Themeparkfanatic

    @LpJunior537 Unfortunately you can't get inside the tower itself which is really a shame. I've seen pictures of the some of the interior rooms inside the tower and they're really nice. I'd say it's worth the drive from Orlando to spend a day here. The gardens are decent, but not spectacular. There is a house museum (not Bok's house) and a nice Carillon museum on site that make it well worth the trip.

  • LpJunior537

    can you go inside the tower? my fiance and I were thinking of visiting here while on our honeymoon. is it worth the trip from orlando?

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