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In today’s video we visit the Bok Tower Gardens, an idyllic garden and a tower with a carillon envisioned by Dutch immigrant Edward W. Bok. They have a visitor’s center with a museum. There is a recreation of Bok’s desk, a model of the tower which houses one of the largest archives of carillon music in the world, old pictures of the construction, and the original carillon keyboard, which is kind of like an organ keyboard but designed to be played with your closed fists. When Bok arrived here in 1921 this was nothing but an arid sandhill, so he hired landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead to turn it “into a spot of beauty second to none in the country”. The tower was built at the highest elevation in the estate, and it is called the singing tower because of its 60-bell carillon. The whole thing was finished just a year before Bok’s death in 1930. Edward Bok was buried right here at the bottom of the tower, right in front of the ornate brass door. This is one of the highest points in the whole Florida peninsula, which is not a whole lot, just under 300 feet above sea level. It is a very beautiful, idyllic place, great for having a picnic. Enjoy the video! Video Rating: / 5 One of the largest bell carillon’s in the world is at Bok Tower Gardens, one of Florida’s oldest attractions William De Turk, the tower’s carillonneur, demonstrates the iconic musical instrument. The tower is located west of Orlando, Florida. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrlando Road Trip: Lake Okeechobee, Epcot, and the Bok Tower GardensTower Gardens Part 2 (Tower Farms)Bok Tower Gardens Carillon concert (part 1)Tower Gardens part 2Hydroponic Grow Tower Part 2 of 3Vertical Farming with Aeroponic Tower Gardens

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  • Adriana Godoy 4 years ago

    Love your voice, you just save me some money I was about to go, adter I've seen the video I am not going is too boring

  • Going Mobile USA 4 years ago

    Looking forward to Europe!

  • redjaguar100 4 years ago

    Hi Robert, The Vid was well worth the wait.. Oustanding as always. I was thinking that maybe you could mount a 2nd Go pro, somewhere on the back or rear side so we can get another angle view with your RV being seen going down the road as well.. Just a thought…

  • RVDebs Journey 4 years ago

    Another wonderful video!  You make it look so easy but it must take you hours to edit.  Love the drone and how you make It so beautiful.

  • John C RV 4 years ago

    Always wanted to stop there, thanks for the tip.

  • Denny Curtis 4 years ago

    I know you receive many compliments on your videos but I must tell you that they just don't do you justice… your videos are several magnitudes better than any other RV blog currently on the net. The landscapes are magnificent, the narration is spot on and your accent just really adds to the overvoice when describing the wonderful and interesting locations that you visit … very professional!

    I am impressed and I don't get impressed easily…

    I would ask anyone viewing the videos that Robert has presented to PLEASE hit the "Thumbs up" button as a way to say thank you…

    Robert, again, please accept my gratitude for a wonderful blog..I look forward, with great anticipation, for many more yet to come..

  • Ki Sung 4 years ago

    Cool, brings a memory. My wife and I visited there 2 years ago. Thanks for posting.

  • j burggg 4 years ago

    which drone are you using robert? thanks, its very smooth

  • SKPjoe Coursegold 4 years ago

    thank you Robert, it is now on my travel list.

  • 0Kinky0 4 years ago

    Nice video Robert, how you manage to montage the camera above you car? Its looks amazing when driving

  • Matt Martin 4 years ago