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Nick Baker, Director of Horticulture, at Bok Tower Gardens shows us the massive Century plant in bloom! For more information visit our website: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts336: The Plant Chicago: Commissioning the 21st Century Farm336: The Plant Chicago: Commissioning the 21st Century FarmAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyBottle Tower Gardens – How to Build and PlantHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningNew play area – Tower Gardens, Skegness

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  • Susan Taylor 10 months ago

    My friend has this plant in his front yard in Dripping Springs Texas, it is now growing like a weed, daily! I can't wait until it blooms!!

  • tom8181 10 months ago

    Mine is still being enjoyed 5 years after it bloomed.I don't want to cut it down it is solid and even crows can land on it So even though it is dead it is still beautiful

  • hippo potamus 10 months ago

    Good info but you should of panned out and showed the complete flowering stalk.

  • GooglFascists 10 months ago

    Great video, Nick!
    Aside from its aesthetic beauty, Agave Americana juice
    contains vitamins B-1, B-2, C, D, K and provitamin A.
    Externally Agave is an antiseptic and promotes wound
    healing because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
    Internally Agave is used to treat ulcers, stomach
    inflammation, tuberculosis, jaundice and other liver
    Agave also treats high fever by inducing sweat.
    So its a remarkably healthful plant, not to mention
    sweet nectar from its leaves that makes syrup!

  • littlelaty 10 months ago

    Thank you for the video. My experience this year in Titusville, Fl was a little different. I noticed that the bees and wasps were enjoying the flowering stalk, so even when it fell onto the pool screen I left it for them to enjoy. Much to my surprise dozens of small plants grew on the stalk and some fell to the ground. Placing them in potting soil gave them a boost and I now have many plants to share with friends and family.Very exciting!!

  • whilldtkwriter 10 months ago

    Thanks for video & info! Have a range that the stalk and blooms weigh at the plant's peak?

  • Llia Olsen 10 months ago

    The ones I saw in the wild were massive, I felt like an ant.

  • Llia Olsen 10 months ago

    I went hiking and took a few offshoots home with me, planted them and they grew but when we moved I dug them up and took them to the new house, they were about 100-150lbs at the time so it was very difficult moving them. Now they are growing up and out reaching above parts of the roof and really wide in diameter. I now know I need to leave about 15 feet in all directions to be safe. While cutting a leaf that was growing into a fence I found they have tiny teeth that are incredibly sharp.

  • featheredfan 10 months ago

    Nice, we have some flowers that grow through the ground and some even emerge after the original bloomer is completely gone. Yes, we have a lot of them and many flower stalks also. Can you please tell us the name of the species of the Agave that is shown in this video? Thanks

  • Xhemal Mato 10 months ago

    In south of Albania (in Porto Palermo buy) is planted agave from Chinese in year 1970 , but I don't know if it is Agave Americana or agave veberii. Can you help me looking the pictures?

  • Bok Tower Gardens 10 months ago

    I was specifically referring to the pods/seeds. If you wanted to dig up the small agaves you can do that as well and pot them up if you'd like or just replant them elsewhere in your garden. 

  • Hello again. When you say to pot them in well drained soil, do you mean the pods that will fall from the mother plant,, or the small plants growing around it. We have about 8-10 small agaves growing around it…One is about 2 feet tall and 3 more are growing under the main agave and are 4-5 feet tall. Those would be transplanted, yes?…and the pods would be put in the potted soil, yes? I do apologize, I am new to this and want to do a good job. I really find these blue agaves fasinating. TY

  • Bok Tower Gardens 10 months ago

    You can pot them up in well-drained soil and keep them in the sun. It usually takes 1-3 months to germinate from seed. If you get them to germinate you should be able to place them out in the garden before next summer. Good luck! If you'd like additional advice we'd recommend reaching out to your local IFAS Master Gardeners Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • I have a question. I live in Davenport, Florida and my agave, which has been growing for at least 20 years has put up its stalk. I want to know how to re-grow my blue agave. I heard it has pods & the pods fall and you can plant them someplace else? Or do I leave the pods on the ground and let nature go to work? I don't have any little agaves around the momma plant…just the big mom. I posted it on my FB page if you want to see it…biggest one agave I have ever seen! Can you help me? Thanks.

  • Dale Andrews 10 months ago

    I live in SW Louisiana. We have many individuals who have landscaped their yards with Agave America(the gray variety). I have seen these down here which have grown to ENORMOUS size (6 1/2 f' by around 8' in diameter) They too flower, sending up a magnificent stalk of flowers. The mother plant is sending out "pups" through the years. We also grow Agave americana marginata(green with white borders). These are have highly randomly curved limbs, prettier, and are less hardy. No problem here in La.

  • MyTwo Cents 10 months ago

    Ha! Just today I cultivate "aguamiel" from our "agave" or aka "Maguey" plant. The liquid is sweet. If left out, it ferments and is processed into a drink called "pulque". The "aguamiel" (literal translation is honeywater) to me tastes between coconut milk & sugar cane juice. The pulque, a fermented taste. There are different ways to prepare pulque; some folks make it into a smoothy type of drink using vegtables, fruit, nuts or a combo of things. There are different agave types too. Cheers.

  • Dslin Roo 10 months ago

    Stop making your self look stupid.
    The plant has already flowered….There for it's impossible to ''use'' it anymore , it's going to die. How the fuck am the ignorant ''shit''? If anything you're the foolish one , insulting me for no reason.

  • Dslin Roo 10 months ago

    The fuck are you talking about?
    If anything he helped make the plant grow and do what it was intended to do , and that was to grow , flower , and reproduce.
    He didn't do anything wrong.

    Now stop whining about bull shit and show some class kid.

  • Joy Irvin 10 months ago

    Thank-you – We had one bloom in our neighborhood in VERY southeast Georgia and you should have heard the stories. . . It's great to hear from an expert what is happening and what to expect Thanks!

  • IndianRiverMan1 10 months ago

    LOL am actually in Mexico again right now and toured an ancient mescal factory yesterday (good thing I can "just say no"!)…I think Florida could give 'um some competition in that industry…thanks again for your wonderful presentation…gonna post this on Facebook now :)