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Bok Tower Gardens Carillon concert. All three videos were shot on July 4, 2009 which is our Independence Day in the United States so the tune selection is patriotic. On this video you’ll first here “America, the Beautiful” by Samuel A Ward. Then three tunes from Music of the American Revolution, “Washington’s March No. 1”, then “The President’s March”, and finally “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean” all in that order. Related PostsBok Tower Gardens Carillon Concert – Beethoven Für EliseLeonard Cohen Carillon Tribute @ Bok Tower Gardens CarillonBok Tower Gardens – Orlando Road Trip Part 3In concert Al Jarreau 1980 part 1 roof gardenTower Gardens part 2Christmas at Bok Tower Gardens 2014

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  • GooglFascists 1 year ago

    We've lived here in South Florida since 1978 and love
    to visit Bok Tower Gardens. The Gardens are a place
    of exquisite beauty with something more. There is a
    spirit about the place that is hard to describe. Its an
    ethereal feeling of peace, almost like some kind of
    portal is opened to another world. Bok Tower has to
    be experienced to be understood. Thank you Edward
    Bok for your priceless gift to all of us, (the Tower is
    Edward Bok's "headstone", as his grave is under it).

    Easiest way to get there is to take the Florida Turn-
    pike to "Yeehaw Junction" then go West on Rt 60
    until you get to Lake Wales. Follow the signs to
    the Gardens.

  • MrClassicalMusic1 1 year ago

    @woodencoasterfan It is spelled Lake Wales. It is located 50 miles south of Orlando, FL.

  • 1907clifton 1 year ago

    I miss FL <3

  • Themeparkfanatic 1 year ago

    Near Lake Whales, FL