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I made a sequel! Twitter: Facebook Page: Twitch sparked an idea during the Bob Ross livestreams and I was feeling it. So I animated it. Enjoy. “Bob Ross descends from the heavens with his two inch brush to beat the Devil one last time…” Whoever wrote that. Thank you. Video Rating: / 5 Michael Evanko provides an overview of his quick and easy nymphing rig set-up. This includes discussion on connecting the leader to the fly line, connecting the leader to the tippet, and connecting the tippet to the fly. He also discusses his favorite indicator and how to attach it to the fly line. Great video for those new to fly fishing or wanting to learn more about nymphing. Related PostsDucktails – Jersey Devil [Full Album]Graham Ross: Graham’s Vegetable Garden #2, Ep 7 (14.03.14)Graham Ross: Graham’s Vegetable Garden, Ep 10 (04.0414)Graham Ross: Winter Vegetable Garden, Ep 22 (27.06.14)How to Use a Wooly Bugger Lure When Fly Fishing : Using a Wooly Bugger Lure While Fly FishingCleaning Your Tower Garden


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  • Sneaky Turtles 7 months ago

    You can beat me Bobby

  • EKKKL Reee 7 months ago

    Devil: NO FUN ALOWED Bob Ross: fuk u

  • The Kettle 7 months ago

    I have never seen a more accurate picture of the epic fight between sir Ross and the ******** ********* ***

  • Michael Rahaman 7 months ago

    Bob Ross in undertale

  • GamerPlaysGames :3 7 months ago

    Bob Ross
    God of art

  • TheRealKdawg 101 7 months ago

    I knew Bob Ross was a God

  • Gumi Gox 7 months ago


  • Satirical Satyr 7 months ago

    Bob Ross arts the devil to death for killing Flowey

  • Webkinz Eliza 476 7 months ago

    1:03 its an a m b u s h

  • cheesto's and wolfie vlogs 7 months ago

    How did he die

  • Jeff Goldblum 8363 7 months ago

    We will always miss you bob r I p

  • X Actly 7 months ago

    beat me bobby

  • Serbian Eagle 7 months ago

    Bob ross cold littuarly be jesus and we wold never even know it

  • KiddingAce 7 months ago

    Rip devil

  • SmellyBonker202 7 months ago

    Bob didn’t have some of his left thumb

  • It's_Fortressic 7 months ago

    My mom said i was a happy accident.

  • James Tocher 7 months ago

    I think if Bob had lived another couple of decades, he would have evolved to a zenith of absolute perfection, created out of pure love and light energy.

  • It's Thinzy 7 months ago

    Satan quivers before he.

  • Why I woke Up 7 months ago


  • Corey Woods 7 months ago

    Pro tip: I'm cheap and very picky about the quality of my leader. To get the most out of my leader, I tie about 1-foot of 20lb test Fluorocarbon to my leader using a "blood-knot," and tie my tippet to the fluorocarbon. This way, when I expense a nymphing rig, I'm not tying my new tippet directly to the leader, and expensing inches of my leader each time. You can go as far as tying fluoro-to-fluoro and theoretically make a leader last all summer, but you run the risk of a knot wearing out so I wouldn't recommend.

    Days I know i'll be switching flies like crazy, I'll use up to 3ft of fluorocarbon and with dry flies, a "tappered-test" I like to call it, where i'll step down on test I use for each foot of fluorocarbon I tie. The fly lands like a dream!

  • Ian Syme 7 months ago

    I stopped using blood knots for droppers many, many years ago. They are very weak on hard takes and will simply snap off.  Use a double uni-knot or surgeons knot (water knot in the U.K.)  instead.

  • LuvingTheOutdoors 7 months ago

    Why not tie first nymph on liter line and second nymph to tippett material, cut down on knots. Do you use larger nymph on top or bottom

  • Ken Martin 7 months ago

    You may want to try Tippet Rings on the end of your leader, it saves your leader. They have larger rings for Nymph rigs.

  • Alex Collins 7 months ago

    Very help full video to a new fly fisher!

  • Dave Lemanski 7 months ago

    Good vid! Your leader to fly line connection probably could be quickly improved. Wasn't a proper loop to loop handshake and prob creates an unnecessary hinge that could dig into the line

  • Mark Jacobson 7 months ago

    great video, thanks for the layman terms

  • MrJimbo1212 7 months ago

    I have been binge watching  your videos the last couple evenings…My wife and I have started fly fishing a couple years ago..and your videos are simply awesome and informative…We are blessed to have a small native trout stream on our farm along with a pond where we can practice,,,,thanks again Mike…

  • Hillbilly Sportsman 7 months ago

    I’m a recent subscriber an I really enjoy the teaching part of your videos. I am 50 yr old life long fisherman that has recent took to fly fishing. Your videos help answer a lot of questions. Yesterday I caught 12 trout in a mtn stream using nymphs. Thank you!

  • Ed Gaglio 7 months ago

    Hey Michael, just have to say love the videos very informative keep up the great work!

  • ROBERT Hanna 7 months ago

    great job

  • Spencer Hodgins 7 months ago

    Great video Mike! Just had a quick question. Typically how much tippet do you use between your leader and the top fly? Thanks for the awesome videos!!

  • Mike Roller 7 months ago

    I’m just getting my first fly rod this week. This video was really helpful and I plan on using this setup. Fishing outside the buffalo area. Thanks a lot!

  • zenbooter 7 months ago

    Happy New Year Mike, peace to all in the new year adventures.

  • Patrick Noveski 7 months ago

    Hey Mike, where do you get lightning strike indicator s? Ive enjoyed your show for a while now. Well done. Thanks Patrick.

  • Robert S 7 months ago

    One comment — II was always told to moisten (spit on) mono or fluorocarbon tippet when tying knots with it.  The theory here is the tippet heats up when chinching up the knot and moisture keeps it from overheating and weakening the tippet strength..  What is your experience here?   Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • SOFTAIL X 7 months ago

    Mike. Can u do a video on what tools and set up you use for tying your flys? I am going to try and get a set up for tying nymphs before spring. Some tips before I buy would be helpful.

  • SOFTAIL X 7 months ago

    I never used the lightning strikes. They look easy enough. My tip. When taking a tapered leader out of the package try putting 3 fingers in and then unwrap. The thick ends are usually wrapped 4 or 5 times. Once you get past that the rest of the leader unravels nice and easy without making a knot in it. Then before I attach it to my fly line I take 2 fingers and slide it down a few times to make it stright.

  • Stephen Grim 7 months ago

    Good video Mike. As always. Re: Leader Straightener … maybe I'm a dinosaur. I still have one and will occasionally use it. I've mainly switched over to furled thread leaders so It's a moot point, but when I use it, I only do so on the butt section, never more than say 1/4 to 1/3 of the leader length. That's the section least susceptible to abrasion. Two or three pulls is enough to help ease out the coils and reduce some of the shine of a new leader. For the most part, it just occupies space in a vest pocket…right beside my nail knot tool and an amadou patch.

  • Joe Duca 7 months ago

    Hi Michael, thanks for all your videos and the blog, very cool. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!