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VIDEO BY DAYNA CHU, ANDY LAU, CATHY PARK & JULIE SHIOZAKI MUSIC: NICOLAI HEIDLAS “Happy Change” & “Five Years Ago” For our Comm 114J project, we decided to focus on the value and benefits community gardens bring to schools, as they teach students about the importance of healthy lifestyles and give them eating habits that positively influence their entire lives. SDCC2 is an example of a successful community garden on a school campus, and we strove to show our ideas on why an empty lot outside the school’s gates would be the perfect location for a bigger and more community-involved urban garden. Related PostsGeothermal Greenhouse Garden: April 20 2015Who We Are: Pennypack Farm & Education CenterGardening with friends at the oudoor education centerHow to grow BlueberriesWoolly Pockets Demonstration – vertical gardeningSVP Cincinnati partners with Civic Garden Center

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