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Well, Special Elections, State Primaries, and Alyssa Milano continue to pop off around the country. Tonight, we bring in the Pro, Richard Baris (, to talk about the key take-aways from yesterday. It is always a fantastic time when Rich calls in. It will be a short show, though (band practice), so whatever we are able to do after the call with Rich will be gravy, but it will be a rich, tangy gravy. Become my boss: PayPal: HD MIRROR CAM [Sponsor]: BTC: 1EafWUDPHY6y6HQNBjZ4kLWzQJFnE5k9PK LTC: LRs6my7scMxpTD5j7i8WkgBgxpbjXABYXX ETH: 0x80cd26f708815003F11Bd99310a47069320641fC Join the Discord Chat: Official Site: Twitter: @PoliticalOrgy Listen on: iTunes: SoundCloud: Google Play: Stitcher: Also Live On: Periscope: Twitch: Related PostsIndependence Blue Cross Living Wall – Project of the Week 8/28/17Living Wall Planter OUTDOOR USE ONLY Color Peacock Blue Vertical Garden ModularGreen Grid Triangle 06 Star wave 122 BPM Deep HouseVertical gardens turn Metro’s Blue Line greenGreen Grid – Warlocks – Lounge Heart – 50 Chillout Classic Hits SelectionBlue Roofs combined with Green Roofs as Tools for Low Impact Stormwater Management

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  • nicosogrecos 7 months ago

    Great stuff Frank,thanks for your work.

  • I miss old SNL! Church lady was awesome! & Chris Farley.. Eddie Murphy… So many greats. I want back the goods! 😉

  • Milano is an has been kid star. We all know what they did to kids to make them serviant little money makers for intel lacking parents. She is playing her part perfectly. Totally deluded!

  • Minneapolis had a lesbian Native American Police Chief. She got ousted because some black males got shot under her watch. The new Chief received outcry for not being diverse. He’s an Hispanic male. He should have been trans-abled too. Oh, and “we” are so proud of our new Counciltrans, yet we cannot pave the roads.

  • S Patrick 7 months ago

    My husband was suspended for 7 days on Twitter for calling Alyssa Milano and Patricia Arquette "bimbos" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • piano47 7 months ago

    So boiled down…GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE!!!!

  • Maureen Varner 7 months ago

    "B" hat?

  • Maureen Varner 7 months ago

    A great time to be alive and awake, winning!

  • michael mangan 7 months ago

    Would love to stay awake and watch live but "sleep" is "important" "apparently". When I think of the amount of tissues and sperm that went to waste on Alyssa and the other girls of Charmed…….

  • Pierre1116 7 months ago

    Just QUIT YouTube and set up BitChute! Also became a $20 a month Patreon subscriber over there.
    FXXK this YouTube place, they will be toast……

  • mick fisher 7 months ago

    I wouldn't take too much info from the district 12 election. Being a district 12 resident I can tell you that there were many factors not being considered. Balderson is a terrible candidate who was hand picked by Tiberi, who many are angry at for not serving out his term, for some reason. Some speculate that Tiberi wanted the seat to turn Dem hoping to lose control of The House who may expose his possible corruption.

  • peppermilk8 7 months ago

    What does Bumping Beavers know about government? What is her stance on the border?

  • tinkerbelltwisted 7 months ago
    Without taking anything away from our brave children, I can't help to see this as a call to our American citizens. I love this speech and find it so inspiring ❤️

  • IAmDone US 7 months ago

    Good music!

  • Lewonteios 7 months ago

    “Tried to bury my soul, but I can’t let it go” That is so me. Got the song as soon as it was released… Great show!

  • lil_pharma //: 7 months ago

    Dems will not survive Iran results for Potus.

  • jeandunne 7 months ago

    Excellent show. Great job.

  • Colleen Jennings 7 months ago

    Every day just gets better with Frank

  • Valerie Duncan 7 months ago

    She should fight for policy then like VOTER ID, oops on her part, because that is what President Trump wants.