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Learn more about Blue roofs and green roofs on our website: This video explains how to design and install blue roof technology in combination with the LiveRoof brand green roof system using the RoofBlue riser and a control flow drain system. The RoofBlue solution allows for a combination of green and blue roofing technology to be used in the same space. RoofBlue risers elevate the LiveRoof system and allow for additional stormwater detention below the green roof system. This allows building owners to manage more stormwater on their rooftops, minimizing or possibly eliminating the need for additional ground-level water management tools such as detention ponds and cisterns. How does it work? RoofBlue risers create a gap between the LiveRoof modules and the membrane, where water can be temporarily detained using a control flow drain system. During periods of heavy rainfall, peak flow is initially delayed as the green roof plants and soil absorb water. Overflow runoff collects beneath the green roof system, where it moves slowly through a drain with narrow openings that meter the flow of water. Reducing the flow of water provides stormwater management systems with more time to treat runoff, preventing untreated water from entering local waterways. During exceptionally heavy storms, water may overflow above the top of the drain into an opening for faster flow. This prevents the live water load from over-loading the system. Most manufacturers will have specific requirements for blue roof applications. In the early stages of design, it is critical for architects and engineers to consult with the preferred membrane manufacturer to ensure the roofing system will be suited for detained water use. Also, confirm that the roofing system proposed complies with local codes. Some municipalities may require secondary, redundant waterproofing membranes or have other provisions for rooftop water detention. Control […]

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