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Welcome back to Drawfee’s new Style Mash-Up Challenge series, where our hosts challenge each other to draw popular characters in the style of other popular characters! On this episode, Julia challenges Jacob to draw Eileen the Crow from Bloodborne in the style of Over The Garden Wall. SIGN UP FOR THE DRAWFEE NEWSLETTER VISIT THE DRAWFEE STORE! LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Tweets by DrawfeeShow Tweets by AtNathanYaffe Tweets by caldy Tweets by JuliaLepetit Tweets by FLoaBComic Tweets by LyonatLarge AND ON INSTAGRAM! AND ON TUMBLR! THE DRAWFEE SUBREDDIT: THE DRAWFEE DISCORD: Your comments here may be used as inspiration for our future shows! By commenting here with an episode prompt, you acknowledge that we may use and reproduce your handle and suggestions on our programs. 25 DIY Vertical Garden Design. Having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that you can’t have a great garden. There are a number of ways that you can turn your small space into a large garden area with little work and in most cases, with little money out of pocket. ✌ Thanks for watching. If you like video please ☞ “SUBSCRIBE” – “LIKE” – “SHARE” -“COMMENT” … for upcoming Video, Thanks Home Decor Ideas ====================================================== ►►Watch More Videos ■ 39 IKEA Kallax Shelf Hacks ■ 33 Cute And Smart Makeup Storage Ideas ■ 33 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Home ■ 23 Stunning Command Center Ideas that will Transform your Space Thanks for watching… Home Decor Ideas please “SUBSCRIBE” small kitchen organization Related PostsOver the Garden Wall Vlogs: Part 2Over The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon Network3 Day Timelapse of Vertical Plant Wall Blanc StyleChapter One Full Preview I Over The Garden Wall […]

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  • Count Heratic 7 months ago

    Gravity falls Mike mignola style please

  • Jack Short 7 months ago

    For some reason I thought the character would be taller like wert is

  • Carolina Alcântara 7 months ago

    So like i watched this video and then i just had to watch over the garden wall. Best decision ever. Also now i get all the refferences. Lol

  • Kinda Kadence 7 months ago

    HUFF HUFF WHEEZE please… I have.. climbed…. this large ..hill. COUGH WHEEZE to ask…. the drawfee HUFF please… INTENSE BREATHING please draw me some depressed school supplies

  • Aegis Stormblade 7 months ago

    She attacked me! She’s not cool or my buddy!! The world went to shit, I went back to the church, I saw her at a distance and thought like “Oh cool, her again” but she went mad, saying she lost the will to try and that like nothing I do will matter when it comes to the beasts and she killed me many many times. D=

  • skullvil 7 months ago

    Please keep doing this series!

  • Anna Lindblom 7 months ago

    6:14 B i r d u p

  • Julia Kay 7 months ago

    I want this as a stuffed animal N O W

  • Emily Kus 7 months ago

    please draw yourself but as voltron characters owo

  • Alex Marr 7 months ago

    What about drawing Gut's from Beserk in the style of Aggretsuko, or Retsuko in the style of Beserk.
    Either one would be awesome

  • King Kagle 7 months ago

    I would love to see more Drawga/Dungeons & Drawfee.
    It doesn't have to be exactly the same format, either. You guys could record a campaign, edit it to just the highlights, then take turns drawing the scene.
    Or maybe get whatever permission needed to cheaply animate NADDPOD…

    Sorry. Drawga introduced me to RPGs & I need more.

  • lemmingrad 7 months ago

    Eileen can go crazy. If you don’t fulfill her quest, instead of the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst at the Grand Cathedral, it’s her you fight.

  • Claire Lefalala 7 months ago

    Nathan actually did the intro right!

  • Lili Hristovski 7 months ago

    I demand a Bwoodborne t-shirt line.

  • PoisonxTea 7 months ago

    You did Cuphead drawn in different styles, but you should draw rejected or knockoff Cuphead bosses, or Cuphead bosses from memory/that the artist has never seen!

  • Velauna Joyce 7 months ago

    this was cool though now i want to see this done again but with undertale done in bendy en the ink machine style or maybe something like this but with suggestions from comments

  • Diamonddeath 7 months ago

    Bwoodbowne aka Bloodborne Pocket Edition.

    Also, can we get either Digimon you’ve never seen or Digimon in the style of Pokémon or vise versa?

  • Chaos Plays 7 months ago

    Hey Jacob, if you're looking for a game that is similar in art style to bloodborne and over the garden wall and has the same kind of overall aesthetic and mood, I recommend checking out Darkest Dungeon! 😀

  • xcaliber947 7 months ago

    A MASHterpiece