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Bioroof Greenroof Installation at Covenant House, Toronto, ON. Video Rating: 5 / 5 The following test and video demonstrate how the LiveRoof system performed when populated with Sedums and exposed to 10 minutes of surface flame. Results sho… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsStormCap™ Green Roof Installation at Cape Cod Tech Keeps Construction on TrackGREEN ROOF CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED | HOW TO BUILD OPTIGREEN GARDEN LAYER SYSTEM CONCEPT| INSTALLATIONGREEN ROOF CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED | HOW TO BUILD OPTIGREEN GARDEN LAYER SYSTEM CONCEPT| INSTALLATIONGreen Roof Insulation Installation – EcoHome LEED Platinum v4 House – Ontario CanadaUrbanscape – From A.M.A. – Green Roof Installation Time LapseURBANSCAPE Green Roof System – Installation (german version)

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  • Tyler Ellis 5 years ago

    Good thing he had an exacto-knife..

  • clairegsc 5 years ago

    Very impressive.. How much is the project?

  • renie montederamos 5 years ago

    thanks. . .

  • flyingpigstuff 5 years ago

    @tj1990 In Australia about 60% of the time though technically it starts
    inside. Most homes here are subject to radiant heat exceeding 5000 watts
    per meter. Take 5 bar heaters and place a steel covered piece of wood under
    it and see what happens. The roof becomes a hotplate. This is why some
    homes explode in a wildfire. Gases build up in the roof space and
    eventually ignite. On a fire day the roof is already above 80 degrees from
    heat and sunlight anyway. It only has to gain 230 deg to burn.

  • Pjam2006 5 years ago

    wow this is great! There isn’t much info about the fire testing on green
    roofs. Where can i get more info about it? Thanks in advance

  • tj1990 5 years ago

    @flyingpigstuff woah..

  • tj1990 5 years ago

    how often does a fire start on a roof?

  • TendencyDriven 5 years ago

    Check there website if you haven’t already. Other than that I think google
    and Wiki is the only option. Sorry for the really late reply