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Growing a massive amount of tomatoes in this 12 square foot soilless grow bed along with basil, peppers and dill. This could be doubled if only growing tomatoes! 500 plus tomatoes in 12 square feet would be remarkable indeed. We’re growing these plants with 100% organic liquid fertilizer made by recycling biomass. We make blends called Grow Teas or you can make your own. The process is called nutricycling. These beds are loaded with organic nutrients, microbes and earthwor Check us out! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrganic Hydroponics for Growing Cannabis; 20′ BiogardenOrganic hydroponics. Outdoors soilless winter growing in the BiogardenLargest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more per square feet -TomoNewsDIY Hydroponics with Homemade Plant Food in the BiogardenGrow a Patio Vegetable Garden with 14 Crops in 2 Square Feet – The Garden StickOrganic Garden Set Up Tomatoes Hydroponics

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  • Khemaran Dinh 10 months ago

    you can't have completely closed system ponics without adding a nitrogenous source, as you claim