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Ecoman Bio-Diverse Green Roof Design and Construction Specialist I design and construct “Proudly South African” Bio-Diverse Green Roofs I am without a shadow of a doubt the most knowledgeable and experienced green roof design and construction expert in South Africa. I have 23 years of green roof design and construction experience gained both in Germany and in South Africa. I was the overall technical advisor, plant expert as well as the green roof design and construction expert on the team that undertook the first green roof research done in South Africa which was carried out by the City of Durban under the direction of masters degree student Clive Greenstone Drawing on local knowledge gained from our green roof research Clive Greenstone and I co-authored a green roof construction guide for the City of Durban I have also designed and constructed a number of large green roofs in association with Clive Greenstone I have done and continue to do private research into growing mediums and to source and do suitability trials with potentially suitable local indigenous plants for growing on green roofs I am the expert when it comes to green roof design and construction here in South Africa to learn more about the development of Bio-Diverse Green Roofs in South Africa go to Video Rating: / 5 Organic Roofs’ brief was to design a triple garage built from reclaimed materials and featuring a wildflower meadow roof with a planting scheme relevant to the Sussex Downland. Find more information about Organic Roofs on Organic Roofs specialises in locally relevant green roofs that reconcile your building with nature. We help you design, install and maintain green roofs in London and across the UK. This design from Simon features a carport to house 3 classic cars, a multi-pitched roof and […]

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