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Dear friends.. While we’ve all been in quarantine I’ve been reflecting on the things that matter the most in my life. Family, friends and of course music. I recorded a cover of Tommy James and the shondells “I think we’re alone now” in my bedroom. I figure if we have to spend this time in isolation at least we can be alone together. Love BJ Get the song: —— Text us: 510-296-7712 Website Tour Dates Sign Up To Email List Facebook Instagram Twitter #BillieJoeArmstrong #StayHome #NoFunMondays Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBillie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity FairHow We're Coping and Hydroponic Gardening ChatHow to Use Straw to Cover a Vegetable Garden : Vegetable GardeningHard Cover News: Aquaponics@CCAKid’s Garden – Fancy (The Kinks cover)VERY EASY crochet phone case tutorial – textured cell phone pouch / cover / cozy

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  • Green Day 1 month ago

    Welcome to No Fun Mondays. Going to release a cover song every week until we’re let back out into the world:

    Love BJ

  • Zikri Sabaruddin 1 month ago

    this is an amazing freakin cover! 😀

  • Kane _U_0305 1 month ago

    I've listened to this song every day since lockdown in uk (23 March) and its helped me cope with it

  • Louis Foulkes 1 month ago

    Welcome to "how to make a music video with nothing but a photo album, and some random crap in your drawer, and still make it totally awesome".

  • Rhonda Hancock 1 month ago

    This is better than Tommy james or tiffany! I'm old school and this guy rocks!

  • MaddinMcFly 1 month ago

    Dislikes…I will never understand those "humans"

  • It all started here. I miss No Fun Mondays! But happy for what we got in the meantime.

  • Esprit Dior Mendoza 1 month ago


  • Daniel Corona 1 month ago

    I dreamed about Billie.

  • djk629 1 month ago

    I recently heard this on my store's radio

  • Kelly Ayotte 1 month ago

    In my opinion, this version of the song is wayyy better then the original one

  • Robert Montoya 1 month ago

    Gd finally sucks that d they've been flirting with for years

  • kdw75 1 month ago

    Not bad for a cover.

  • VegaRoseForever 1 month ago

    Simply bad ass.
    I think I'm in love now

  • DDYLAN19 1 month ago

    Thanks for this! Big fan now and always, you guys are the best!

  • kamyalfa 1 month ago

    Salute ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Brandon6000 1 month ago

    when i first heard this i thought it was phineas and ferb

  • CuddlyPuppy2007 1 month ago

    Billie Joe Armstrong literally could take the most annoying song in the world and it would probably be my favorite