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An Instant YES from Simon Cowell on American Idol but has Bikini girl Katrina Darrell done enough to win over the rest of the judges?! Watch EVEN more Idols Auditions ▶︎ Idols Global is a central hub for all Idols auditions from around the World! Watch the good the bad and the ugly all on one channel! Idols the TV Series in search of the most outstanding unsigned solo recording artist! I, Quincy Johnson II, give you my take on police brutality. I call this bit, “My Thoughts Exactly!” Related PostsJeffrey Heller presents at Global Green CitiesHow to Make Plant Frame Wall Decor | OMaG | American GirlAmazing Race Asia Audition with MC Hydro Phonics of Four DubMayor Lee’s Welcoming Remarks at 2012 American Community Gardening Association National Conference.Garden Girl TV: Vertical Gardening ThreeGarden Girl Birthday Party Ideas from Party City

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  • Alex Nicole 1 year ago

    lol Simon eyes r big when he looks at the girl with the bikini

  • Joy Dawn 1 year ago

    Too much head bopping. She can sing, but girl cover your body.

  • •ԑlԑkṫяα ᶌԑяɱįllįөи• 1 year ago

    Would bang her but I don't like her attitude

  • Tropiical Plays 1 year ago

    You have to sing in a bikini??

  • Rebecca H 1 year ago

    You go girl!! Tell it like it is and tell that jealous bitch she’s nothing.

  • Yui Rio 1 year ago

    Her voice is just the average girl voice, and she keeps flirting…The judge's demonstration was way better.

  • CrazeOfSiffonas DIYS 1 year ago

    Old girl was jelly

  • Declan Falconer 1 year ago

    What the heck is this wear normal cloths

  • Ethan Filthaut 1 year ago

    Should I be a judge now?

  • Lovely Heart Zarceno 1 year ago

    "Next time come naked" AHAHAHAHAHHA

  • E Flood 1 year ago

    Such a garbage person

  • Juan Trevizo 1 year ago

    I️ love her!!

  • Faten j 1 year ago

    What a whore

  • shawna widrick 1 year ago

    She looks like Britney spears

  • Azeem Kanji 1 year ago

    You're Dad is my dentist and he was talking about how you used to curse too much during your stand up and then one day you did something for old people and you rocked the show without curse words. But on a side note man I love your dad. I was in a shitty mood and that man literally will lift my spirits talking about the white sox and I don't even watch baseball like that. Personally I respect your hustle , and what you got going on for yourself. Keeping doing you and never sell out.