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A break down on eggshells. On how to apply them properly to your gardens. Basically it boils down to using it as a additive, or fertilizer. For its calcium.It can also be used to ward off slugs and snails. However most people fail to do this, simply by how they apply it to the garden. This video explains why this is. I mentioned this in a previous video here is the link In this video I sometimes make use of copyrighted material. I do so only for the purposes of education of the material being displayed in this video. It falls under the fair use , and is not meant to take away from the artist or person whos material was used. boron benefits in gardening link related videos: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDON’T do this in your Tower Garden! My BIG mistakeWhy Buying a Tower Garden May be a BIG MistakeRobinhood Swing Trading Beginner Mistake To AvoidPeter Rabbit – The Biggest Radish in the Garden | Cartoons for KidsWATCH THIS BEFORE Sheeting Your Roof With OSB!!! (avoid this costly nailing + spacing mistake)World's Biggest Rooftop Farm Revolutionizes New York City

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  • Hi again Garden Fever.
    Its is Summer here now and the garden is going well. I can now say the egg shells do have a influence on the snails and slugs
    I still use the same use beer traps as well and the found Marigold,White petunia,spinach,lettuce combo has been the best success with egg shell method on snails and slugs in my garden so far.
    .Take care have a good holiday season

  • Mihail Ratchev 10 months ago

    The dinosaurs bones became fossils because they were buried instantly and run out of oxygen during the great world wide flood.

  • Go-go 63 10 months ago

    He sure likes crushing egg shells.

  • Rudy Cainglet 10 months ago

    Boring, use of eggshells can be explain in 30 seconds. Its a waste of time viewing the vedio up to the end.

  • Wrong Frequency 10 months ago

    lol, he said Dinosaur bones.

  • Carrie Spencer 10 months ago

    i dry egg shells and put them in a blender few sec. use in garden or mix a bit with chicken food . sounds wrong but helps birds replace calcium from laying in first place

  • Daniel Olivier-Argyle 10 months ago

    I find that blossom end rot usually grows out – that is probably what's happening with your tomatoes, rather than calcium introduction from egg shells. You mentioned that egg shells break down fast – that is not true. They take years, even when they are chopped small. If you want the calcium to become available, you can make a foliar spray or liquid feed by using vinegar to extract the calcium from the shells. Research "calphos" for more reading.

  • Joan Tauber 10 months ago

    I use a coffee grinder to grind my egg shells

  • The Palerider 10 months ago

    Fuck you are boring,I will sum it up, Ok folks,You take the fucking egg shells and crush them or pulverize them and toss it in your plants and pots great shit believe me,See you, the fucking end..

  • NANCY PEWTON 10 months ago

    My mother did this every year in our garden. We always had a great garden. I am 84 yrs old

  • sheri williams 10 months ago

    would sharp sand work also?

  • jeffboyau 10 months ago

    try collecting a quantity of egg shells, washing them, and then drying them in the oven. Once dry, place them in a food processor and mill them to the desired size. Works a treat.

  • Lombrigreen 10 months ago

    Hi. excellent video

  • Aldemiola Victoriano 10 months ago

    Oh man your breathing is very bad. Are you obese man?

  • Durga chunduri 10 months ago


  • DUDE get yourself a small coffee grinder and bring chunks of shell to a powder so you can blend it into your dry soil before watering. It gets to the roots just fine like that. Thanks for confirming what I had hunched 🙂

  • Susan Fite 10 months ago

    Like the information but people are busy. Break this video down to 2 min. Get to the point.

  • Anita Bath 10 months ago

    UGH! By the 1:30 mark all I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher…wahhh wah waahhhhhhhh, wah wahhh waaaah, wah. Please let me know where can I get the 4 minutes of my life back?

  • konaok1 10 months ago

    Talk about a "snail" get to point! Good information but focus on getting it done.

  • ron rankin 10 months ago

    to much bullshit talking just the facts mam just the facts

  • Wow Kids 10 months ago

    Tomato ki sb se behtreen hybrid quality konsi hai

  • Wow Kids 10 months ago

    Tomato ki sb se behtreen hybrid quality konsi hai

  • MM Prince 10 months ago

    Kya yeh organic ha yaan inorganic?

  • GENERAL HZT 10 months ago

    Nice sir!