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You should clean your tower at least once per year and there a few things to keep in mind to make that work a lot easier. ➤ See the full potential of vertical farming: ➤ Learn more about growing food 365 days a year: ➤ Get your Tower Garden seedlings here: ➤ Follow us on social: ➤ Subscribe for even more tower gardening: ➤ True Garden is a next-gen vertical farm in Mesa, AZ. We use 90% less space and consume 95% less water and grow 30% more crops 3x faster with the power of vertical farming. Growing indoors or outdoors, all year long, with the power of Tower Gardens. The future of farming has arrived. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSetting the Tower Garden Pump Timer | True GardenHow To Program Automatic Timer for Tower Garden LED Grow Lights | True GardenTower Garden Germinating Seeds in Rockwool | True GardenHow To Assemble a Tower Garden | True GardenSave Your Tower Garden from Bugs Insects and Pests | True GardenCan you grow tomatoes, peppers and other fruiting crops in a Tower Garden? | True Garden

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  • Carol Moncrief 2 months ago

    I have a 20 GALLON water reservoir for my INDOOR tower. Should I use 75 ml of Twin Oxide for monthly cleaning? Thanks!

  • Nina Eid 2 months ago

    Where can I get the kit? Not on the website.

  • Brent Charles 2 months ago

    Thank-you for the suggestions! I do have one question: Do you add the Twin Oxide tablets to the Tower Garden reservoir with the vegetation still intact, or only after the plants are removed?