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More info: Supercloset deluxe grow box stealth vertical hydroponic system grow room grow room big buddha box VerticalPonics is the technological term that fuses a vertical grow room setup with SuperCloset’s SuperPonics. You will double to quadruple any yields per watt, per square foot, over ANY traditional growing method. VerticalPonics 5′ x 5′ vertical grow room setup turns 1 grow room into 4 by taking the plant locations from the floor to the 4 walls! Genius! More info : For example, you turn a 5′ x 5′ growing area (25 sq. ft.) into four vertical growing walls each 4′ x 6′ (24 sq. ft.). This totals a whopping 96 sq. ft. of utilizable growing space! You not only nearly quadruple your growing space, but also gain the ability to grow your plants up to 5x faster with our unique, automated SuperPonic technology. Everyone is switching over to VerticalPonics, as it is the absolute best way to grow Bigger and Better yields per square foot, per watt. Period. Your 5′ x 5′ Vertical Grow Room will produce up to 6 — 12 pounds of fruits and vegetables, and 2 — 4 pounds of dried herbs or flowers, in only a 5′x 5′ growing area. Automatically. More info : The most common question we receive is, “Won’t my plants height be restricted by hitting the bottom of the tray above it?” The answer is, “No.” It is a common misconception that plants grow up. Plants actually grow towards their light source, which of course, is most commonly above the plants. In a Vertical Garden, in which the lights are running down the center of the growing space, your plants will grow inward at a 45 degree angle. This is why we have included the 4 vertical net trellises. This […]

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