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John from visits Dave Gil’s Indoor Kitchen Garden to show you the easiest vegetables you can grow indoors during any time of year. In this episode, you will learn how growing sprouts and microgreens are the easiest vegetables that can be grown in as little as 3-10 days. You will learn how you can use jars you already own to grow sprouts, and how easy it is to grow microgreens on a wire rack shelf. You will discover how Dave is able to grow the majority of his leafy green vegetables with just 8 square feet of space inside his kitchen. You will learn the specific items you need to start growing indoors as well as where to buy the seeds. You will see Dave’s simple set up for growing his indoor vegetables year-round in Las Vegas, Nevada and how you can grow inside your home as well. Finally, John will interview Dave about growing microgreens, why he started growing food, and much more. Jump to the following parts of this episode: 06:09 How to Grow Sprouts 13:16 How to Grow Microgreens 22:48 How to Water Your Microgreens 31:20 Interview with Gardener, Dave Gil 32:14 Why did you start growing microgreens and sprouts? 32:57 How did your cancer affected by eating sprouts and healthy raw foods? 33:50 How many sprouts do you eat in a day? 34:55 How many hours a day do you invest in growing sprouts and juicing? 36:11 How much time do you invest in just growing sprouts? 38:08 Where do you get your seeds? 39:36 What are some of the tips for growing microgreens? 40:30 When do you use coconut coir and when do you use organic soil? 42:00 Any final comments about growing sprouts and microgreens? 46:36 Are you available to help people grow […]

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  • Fred Wulff 8 months ago

    Jon, what is the best way to rinse the hulls out of the sprouts on day 5?

  • cristian lopez 8 months ago

    Damn John is filling out what protein do you use?

  • clara vale 8 months ago

    Another great video! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Moen 8 months ago

    Such a brilliant video, more please. Thank you so much

  • Sebastian Byrdak 8 months ago

    Video is great man, but honestly where I can find the sound track that starts at the beginning for your videos, its actually relaxing!. Like it! ?? Help?

  • Maria Macksoud 8 months ago

    Loved this video. Thank you John and Dave. Great future health for both of you.

  • The Northwest Forager 8 months ago

    Hi John. I just posted a video growing MicroGreens from wild edible plants. What do you think? Considering wild edibles already have a considerably high nutrient content, could these microgreens benefits be exponential compared to domesticated varieties?
    Always enjoy the great information you share on urban farming, thanks for posting!

  • Jumana shawareb 8 months ago

    Thank you John for sharing. Great presentation. This is a wealth of of knowledge. Praise God for His goodness.

  • Chris S 8 months ago

    Where do you get those jars and the special lids?

  • Andrea Wisner 8 months ago

    Dave Gil, wow, you look very healthy, recovered from cancer very well!

  • eyeYQ2 8 months ago

    John, I've watched you from almost the beginning, and you sure have matured, in your videos ; ) You are doing such a great job! Thank you for the time and effort you put into these. Any discounts, LOL? Thanks John!! We're in a health crisis, and you are helping people to get well again!

  • J ROWE 8 months ago

    I love your videos but this material could be covered in five minutes. We are all so pressed for time.

  • Tyler Tuthill 8 months ago

    Recent subscriber to your channel, not sure if you read these but you have really great information and energy. Thanks for sharing!

  • sporter3389 8 months ago

    how many sprout, shoot, and microgreen videos are you going to keep making? I grow over 100 lbs of sprouts a month in regular 10×20 growing trays to make a living. I'm trying to find videos of people using anything close to my method and can't seem to find anything. I see a lot of microgreen and shoot videos flooding the results by you. And a lot of sprout labeled videos that are actually just microgreen and shoots. Find me one dude that makes a living on JUST SPROUTS without a commercial misting drum to grow them in

  • You Can't Eat The Grass 8 months ago

    I've grown sprouts and they are so easy. But I need to try the microgreens. I have lots of kale seeds I saved this summer to try it.

  • City Hydro 8 months ago


  • Bobos Curse 8 months ago

    How do you re-use the spent soil? Do you let the roots compost or do you re-use it right away?

  • Mr.Sweet 8 months ago

    22:4823:32 VITAL information for human species to remember lol, Thanks for the video Mr.Kohler!
    And thank you for all the things you do off camera and have been doing for YEARS senpai. You plant many more seeds than that of which are in your garden, you're the man

  • pepsi78 8 months ago

    Keep it good mister. I left the meat industry, because every animal is a living individual soul with a personality that I cannot harvest.