Best Square Foot Garden Plan-New and improved layout for 2020

The new season brings new wishes. Create the best square foot garden plan for my small vegetable garden. Therefore, I decided to completely destroy my old garden layout and create a new and improved design for the 2020 gardening season. Square Foot Gardening Book-Square Foot Gardening Layout Template: DIY-Shop-Garden Shears-Mel Mixed Ingredients: Coco Coconut Shell-Vermiculite-Compost DIY-When creating my elevated bed (vegetable garden) design. I have gone through many square-foot garden plans. Some are good, some are bad, but in the end, I found a small garden that suits me very well. Simple and elegant! It becomes my brand new square foot gardening layout in 2020! In this video, I will try to propose a new loft bed garden layout design that suits my new needs. After that, I will show you the beautifully symmetrical square-foot garden plant layout I made. In the end, you will gain some new knowledge in square-foot gardening planning, and you can also update your loft bed layout. Small Garden Ideas (1:41) Kitchen Garden Design (3:02) Square Foot Gardening Planting Planning (4:42) ************************ Additional content********************** Square feet of gardening-layout plan and when to start planting square feet of gardening plant spacing (a template diagram for 72 plants!) most Good vegetable square foot gardening | easy to grow and beginners! Autumn garden tips 🌱 15 kinds of autumn vegetables are now planted 6 tips to start | Square foot gardening on raised beds (do you know all of them?)****************** ********** Social media********* **************** YT: Little Garden Exploration FB: Little Garden Exploration #SmallGardenQuest # SquareFootGardening #PlantingLayout The links included in this description and referenced in the video may be affiliate links. If you use the link I provided to purchase a product or service, I may receive a small commission. These affiliate links will not charge you extra, and your support allows me to provide free content on the Small Garden Quest channel every week. Thank you! .


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