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Green Roofs


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  • Home RenoVision DIY 3 weeks ago

    To watch the entire building process click this link. Cheers!

  • John Marksman 3 weeks ago

    Wife said it sounded like Kermit the Frog giving building advice

  • Smarter Than You 3 weeks ago

    If you are willing to use OSB, then you should consider using cardboard from old boxes. It has the same strength and durability, and you can get it for free.

  • Smarter Than You 3 weeks ago

    Sorry, I don’t trust anybody who builds with OSB. Actually, OSB is an abbreviation for One Shitty Board.

  • Smarter Than You 3 weeks ago

    “It’s idiot proof. I use it all the time.”

  • SycoDad 3 weeks ago

    Nothing about that roof is right. It WILL rot around the edges.

  • I totally missed the part where you fastened the roof to the top plate. At what time in the video did you do that?

  • Oana Irani 3 weeks ago

    You should have so many more subscribers, your lessons are gold…..I am a woman and I am pretty sure I can build following your explanations,
    The people who gave thumbs down to this videos are probably contractors who are angry that you are teaching people how to save money.

  • Kelsey McClanahan 3 weeks ago

    Good information, but thumbs down for failure to wear safety glasses…

  • Ramees Rahumathulla 3 weeks ago

    What material is that you used for the roof membrane? Could you provide the material info of the membrane roll? Looked up in home depot and all membranes like these says its underlayment and has to be covered up

  • William Guill 3 weeks ago

    I had to stop watching when you installed the roofing.

  • DAPPR 323 3 weeks ago

    I could do something similar, by myself, by hand, in 2 1/2” hours MAX. sheeted, facia, fastened.

  • peter ryan 3 weeks ago

    Great video explaining the process very well indeed,i bet you could not wait to stop the camera,s rolling and jump in your pool,

  • ssdtrain1 3 weeks ago

    No safety glasses were harmed during the making of this film..>:]

  • Jerry T Johnson 3 weeks ago

    funny thing is when I make the play speed 2X normal still understandable & cuts the length of the video down funny thing he doesn't sound like one of Alvins brothers…

  • 吾言 3 weeks ago

    Looks like your roof floating on top

  • John Courtneidge 3 weeks ago


    Very, very nice!


    From Granpa Quaker John in England.

  • Kelvin Garnett 3 weeks ago

    How would you build this on a mobile platform?