Best Practices for Strawberries in the Tower Garden

UPDATE: I had trouble my first couple of seasons trying strawberries, but I learned how to grow them. With strawberries, it’s important to pick the right variety for your area, and to also keep diseases under control with organic practices. This year, I grew 32 strawberries in the Microgreen Kit and it worked fabulously well!

In addition to the tips in the video, I would add that it is helpful to switch to a timer that waters 1 minute on and 3-7 minutes off. Start with 7 minutes and if you find your plants drooping, then move to 6 minutes off, etc. Less watering = less disease. Here’s the timer: You must put that timer in a waterproof box:

Here is the SAS Strawberry Advisory System that I mentioned!

Best Practices for Strawberries in the Tower Garden

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