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UPDATE: I had trouble my first couple of seasons trying strawberries, but I learned how to grow them. With strawberries, it’s important to pick the right variety for your area, and to also keep diseases under control with organic practices. This year, I grew 32 strawberries in the Microgreen Kit and it worked fabulously well! In addition to the tips in the video, I would add that it is helpful to switch to a timer that waters 1 minute on and 3-7 minutes off. Start with 7 minutes and if you find your plants drooping, then move to 6 minutes off, etc. Less watering = less disease. Here’s the timer: You must put that timer in a waterproof box: Here is the SAS Strawberry Advisory System that I mentioned! Related PostsTower Garden Ripe Strawberries in 75 days!Picking Strawberries from the Greenstalk Vertical Garden TowerHow to Plant Strawberries in Your Tower Garden“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningHydroponic Strawberries (Using Tower Garden)Urban Gardening : Best Practices in Urban Gardening | Agribusiness Philippines

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