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Some useful product links for gardening activity, which you may use as per your requirement. So click on the links : * Rooting Hormone (HG-93194) * Rooting Hormone Dry Powder 50 gm. * Cocopeat Block – Expands Up To 75 Litres * OrganicWays Cow Manure (5 Kg) * Bloom Buddy Organic Growth Booster 1Kg * Vermicompost 5 Kg * Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Fertilizer for Plants(20 kg) * Organic Potting Soil for Plants (10Kg) * Organic Complete Rose Plant Care (900g, Brown) * Neem Kernel Powder Organic Fertilizer (900 gm) * Liquid Soil Booster Organic Liquid Fertilizer for all plants 5 Ltr * SAAF FUNGICIDE (500GMS) * Bone Meal for Flowering and Kitchen Garden (1 KG) * 5 KG BONEMEAL/FISHMEAL Organic Fertilizer * Panchagavya Organic Fertilizer- India’s 1st ISO 9001:2008 Certified Product (Brown, 5Ltr) * 45 Variety Of Vegetable Seeds With Instruction Manual * 20 types of Winter Flower Seeds(4800+ Seeds) With Cocopeat Block And Instruction Manual * 30 Varieties of Summer Flowers Seeds Combo * Gardening Tools Set With Cutter And Gloves * 5-Liter Premium High-Grade Plastic Watering Can * Manual Sprayer Bottle (1 Litre) * Steel Large Khurpa (Multicolor) ====================================================== Hi Friends, I am Your Gardener friend Komal Tiwari and you are watching Our YouTube Channel “Easy Home Gardening”. Gardening is my hoppy and it is my passion and here I am sharing information related to your Home/Terrace Gardening tricks and tips and always try to share the best method or approach to grow any plant and get a good result. I always try to make our planet green and this is a small effort towards “Our Green Planet”. Here you may get information related […]

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