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| ABOUT 🌼 | Here is a list of top five easy to grow indoor plants that can make your living space beautiful. Most of the indoor plants like peace lily, boston fern, foxtail fern, rubber plant, crotons and pothos are super easy to grow indoors. Only trick is to keep a check on watering and light conditions. P.S. Foxtail fern is not a fern really. It is asparagus from Asparagaceae family. They are called ferns because the way grow. List of other indoor plants for decorations: Fiddle leaf fig Aloe vera and Bell Aloe Snake plant philodendron | RELATED VIDEOS 🌿 | Indoor decoration with air plants Self watering pots for summer DIY birdcage planter for indoors | STAY IN TOUCH 🍁 | Facebook: Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Wall Hanging Planter & Gate Decoration Planter | shelf decorative Planters Ideas//GREEN PLANTSTomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : The Best Way to Grow Tomato Plants25+ Best Indoor Plants Ideas – Simple Ways to Decorate with HouseplantsWall Hanging Planters nine Best Indoor Hanging Plants – Let’s Go Green9 Best Indoor Hanging Plants – Let’s Go GreenHow to Decorate Your Small Flower Pots | Pots Decoration Ideas | Garden DIY Ideas//GREEN PLANTS




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  • Nalina Senthil S 8 months ago

    Hai. First time I saw your videos today. Super. And I want to know the pot mix for indoor plants. Hereafter I start to grow indoor plants . Your plants are so fresh and healthy. God bless you mam.

  • Ramasri Sarkar 8 months ago

    অর্কিড কি ভাবে বসাতে হবে

  • Muhammad Khan 8 months ago

    hello i just saw ur video which is very helpfull regarding indoor plants. do make some videos regarding lawn and big plants which can be planted in lawn like trees n some flower plants. i want to ask one question here i have heared that aero caria is indoor plant but some people say that it can be planted in the lawn. im confuse here cause i got a big size lawn n i want to plant some big size plants there i love to have aero caria but can it be planted in the lawn ? n one more thing my lawn got sunlight almost all day long n i live in warm temp climate

  • Meaouw Meuw 8 months ago

    Thnx. I just bought croton. Kinda needed dis info cz i planted it on sticky soil which.does not drains water dat much.

  • archana aa 8 months ago

    Indoor plants ko barish me Rakh sakte h kya

  • vinod kanwar 8 months ago

    mam please hindi me bhi btao me hmesaha aapka bidio dekhti hu eng……………upr se niklti h

  • MOBA FANS BANG2 MOBA FANS BANG2 8 months ago

    And nice video by the way

  • MOBA FANS BANG2 MOBA FANS BANG2 8 months ago

    U r cuteeeeee

  • MOBA FANS BANG2 MOBA FANS BANG2 8 months ago

    Can i talk bout somerhing in mail can i mail you

  • Shirur traders 8 months ago

    Maam croton is that indoor Plants?

  • Shirur traders 8 months ago

    Ur vedio is very useful thanks.
    Per Maine white Lily indoor me lagaya the per o sab Sukh gaye.
    Muje soil ki water ki sunlit ki jankari ager app denge to I will thankful to you

  • Tumpi Nengker 8 months ago

    Hi. Where do you get your beautiful plants from?

  • Nithissh Krishna 8 months ago

    Hi excellent video
    Pls suggest me a indoor plants to my house where almost only 10 percentage of the sunlight in only available in my drawing room

  • Suvra Mohanty 8 months ago

    hi I bought a foxtail fern, I repotted it and kept it indoor , I do misting every alternate day but it's leaves r turning brown and shedding, I checked the soil it was moist so I don't water it but still it's leaves turning brown and yellow

  • Indu Boruah 8 months ago

    Awesome video,god bless you mam☺

  • gamer boy 8 months ago


  • Kiran Kumar 8 months ago

    Your video is uncontrollably zoom in and out

  • Jagdish Arja 8 months ago

    your video wAs nice…but I want to know their benefits…like which has better fragrance…which has a demand..which is costly