Which hydroponic system is best for advanced growers? Kratky? DWC? NFT? Aeroponics? I go over them in the video and show you my experiments.
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Best hydroponic system for advanced growers

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  • Thack 250

    Your issue with the DWC is the rock wool. It should NOT be used in DWC or if used it should NOT be touching the water. It just hold TOO much water. Use no medium or perlite as perlite holds a lot more air and much less water

  • Joshua Wilson

    I have also grown in all those systems as well but I have not had root rot like you have obviously your temperature in your water must be too HOT!!!

  • WildandLiving

    You should just get a flood table 1×4 looks like it would fit a fill and a drain then fabric pots with clay balls and some coco way easier to clean swap out ect..you fill then it drains fills and drains just switch from nutrient to water every few days. You just drop a pot into the.system and it grows makes.it simple

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