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  • MTwithcool 5 months ago

    Hello, may I ask is your camp at 51'W 19'S – Abandoned fishing dock or 51'W 28'S – Abandoned drug processing facility. I'm just looking for a flat area to build another camp as well, I have a small one at the waterfall but the area is too slanted. Thanks for a great video I wondered about the banana roof as that's where I realized no good at waterfall 45W 32S.

  • Marc Gonzales Castelo 5 months ago

    Try putting your loots on the crafting section when gathering for later use. It carries a lot but i dont think if that still works

  • gozz. 5 months ago

    You should build a bridge across the river with the frames

  • Timothy Smith 5 months ago

    If you look up in some of the trees you can find some coconuts and throw your spear to knock them down.

  • Charles Wong 5 months ago

    Find a bulb, cooked it in soup and restore 50 carbs in 1 trip bro.

  • Stephanie Stone 5 months ago

    LOL at the singing back at the tribe….whatcha need is a rock and a piece of red cloth!

  • manukaXD9 5 months ago

    Cassava plant right next to the fruit

  • Shon Gwynn 5 months ago

    The base is looking great bro. Nice episode and yes I think the natives were just telling you to eat the fruit lol. Or they were chanting we are on a canadian diet lol. Can't wait for the next episode.

  • Lola Swindle 5 months ago

    Much love ❤️

  • khalid mamay 5 months ago

    Great video!

  • JTD19881369 5 months ago

    GE you dont have to bait the traps everytime. Sometimes the stone trap just works

  • You can harvest the rotten meat for maggots too

  • MrKnaives 5 months ago

    I don't really think that river is should be that dirty.

  • Michael Davidson 5 months ago

    Maybe a coconut dropping?

  • Ümit jhukov 5 months ago

    That campfire is glitched like the smoker

  • espurious 5 months ago

    Tried Googling the bed placement problem, but found no answers. Closest I got was a screenshot of a bed in a larger shelter than you have now. Maybe it's a learned design that you have to go out looking for?

  • Kalpesh Patel 5 months ago

    They made building homes / shelters extremely easy. It would've been nice to have a complex system of building shelters. Like the walls, the roof too should ideally have long sticks or bamboo sticks to support the banana leaves / palm leaves. Every joint needs to be tied with a rope. It would be more fun to make the construction process a little bit more complex. Can't wait for the Final version of the game.

  • Kalpesh Patel 5 months ago

    When are you going to start looking for your wife?