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John from goes on a field trip to Mountain Vally Seeds, in Salt Lake City, Utah to share with you the best food you can grow inside your home any time of year. In this episode, John will give you a mini tour of Mountain Valley Seed company that specializes in high altitude / short season seeds. Next, John will share with you why it may not be a good idea to use normal vegetable seeds to grow sprouts. Next, you will learn about how to purchase sprouting seeds and microgreen seeds in bulk to save money. You will then learn how easy it is to grow sprouts at home with a mason jar or other methods of sprouting including a sprout bag, or sprouting devices. Finally, you will learn about the benefits of growing microgreens and the small size microgreen kits that are often sold. You will learn the easiest microgreens you can grow inside your home. Next, you will learn about the deluxe microgreen growing kit that will allow you to reliability produce microgreens everyday for weeks within 5-10 days. After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with an American Owned Seed Company that sells non-gmo seeds for short season, sprouting and microgreens to Home Gardeners and Farmers alike. Learn more about Mountain Valley Seed at: Mountain Valley Seed Co. Products Purchase the Deluxe Microgreens Kit that John shares in this video at: Deluxe Microgreens Starter Kit Call them at 801-486-0480 to order and get the special GrowingYourGreens Discount (for a limited time only) Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodHydroponic Farm Grows 350 Varieties of Vegetables with 90 minerals to Grow the best tasting foodHow to grow chicory/endive at home (indoors)Grow Your Own Food At […]

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  • Julianne Mc 1 year ago

    Love it, just got these seeds for sprouts

  • Truelove 1 year ago

    THANKS JOHN JUST ORDERED ONE ! what a deal… was 97 dollars free shipping … I JUST paid 23 dollars to another company for 10 oz of seeds…..

  • dechinta 1 year ago

    I love alfalfa spouts. Haven't had any in decades, but have some seeds and a stainless steel top for a mason jar ordered that I can't wait to get!

  • mewendy1 1 year ago

    I looked at seeds on their site (now true leaf?), & was concerned that in the description for rhubarb they state how the leaves, 'greens', taste. The leaves of rhubarb are toxic.

  • R G Wells 1 year ago

    hair cut!

  • Ruth Kjar 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for doing this! I live the SLC valley and I never knew about this seed company! I'm going to make sure I get seeds from them. Shop local right? ­čśë

  • Diane Graves 1 year ago

    We started sprouting this year. Started out with the jar method and then went to the green sprouting trays. Now getting into growing micro greens and also bought the Tofu Making Kit. Very successful with everything we have attempted and amazed with the quality of the products provided by True Leaf. Got a cart ready to order more supplies today. Thanks for the video. Great to see where all our wonderful supplies are coming from.

  • virginiasilvaocasio 1 year ago

    Thank you for the information!

  • Jimmy Choo 1 year ago

    what's the percentage of more nutritious than adult vegetables?

  • C. Bury 1 year ago

    I live in a apartment that has no balcony with indirect lighting. So I will give micro greens a try with help of a grow light.  I ordered one of these kits to give it a try!

  • Catfish and Bluegill 1 year ago

    I can eat clovers * looks at clover field * Nom nom nom

  • Du Fung 1 year ago

    May actually get this..

  • MsBestsunshine 1 year ago

    thx for all these usable tips!

  • vermiman 1 year ago

    Plastic canvas can be cut into circles to fit into the lid of a mason jar.

  • bryan meyer 1 year ago

    hey john i have a hard time finding coco coir in my area, can i use peat moss instead or will that be too acidic?

    Also i did not see the link to the video that you mentioned where you go into more detail on growing micro greens. did you not post that link? or did i miss it?

  • VeganMarcella andMore 1 year ago

    Also, wash your hands very well along with any equipment or tools you use on your sprouts. Alot of ecoli can live on your hands from using the bathroom, there is bacteria everywhere looking for a new place to grow. Make sure you didn't make yourself sick by not washing your hands before touching your sprouts

  • Christine Horan 1 year ago

    Every video I see with any way they toot a lemon cutting they all use a rooting horomone.anyone know a good rooting horomone

  • Kathy Roy 1 year ago

    Great information, thanks.

  • nustada 1 year ago

    I tried the easy sprout, it got infested with fruit flies before the sprouts were ready. Not sure if I did something wrong, or it just doesn't work.

  • Fairy Odd Prepper 1 year ago

    We use these seeds! They are great! Fast delivery. Packed great for survival kits too. Cheap!