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Strawberries grow great in vertical ZipGrow hydroponics systems. In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the specifics of what hydroponic growers need to know when growing strawberries in their systems, vertical or not. Get all the videos here: Looking for more info on strawberries? Grab our entire recommended crop list for .99 here: Or check out this throwback video: Related PostsBest Crops For Hydroponics: ChivesBest Crops for Hydroponics: ParsleyBest Crops for Hydroponics: MintBest Crops For Hydroponics: LettuceBest Crops for Vertical FarmingHow to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics, Tips #1 2013

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  • Chris Shepherd 1 year ago

    What about using a biological enemy for spider mites like ladybugs? Do you use bees in the greenhouse?

  • Th Linn gill 1 year ago

    Nate I wanted to thank you for many great videos, I have learned a lot about Hydroponics and am in the process of building a 10'South to North by 45' East to West greenhouse here in Northwestern N.M. I know a bit different clement than were you all are, we get short winters and hot summers. So I was glad to see you put up the video on cooling a greenhouse. we will be using many systems in our greenhouse at first to see which one does us the best. We have plans for a trough & Wal-Mart bag system on top of the 40 Blu. 55 Gal. H2o filled heat sink barrels across north wall. A Kratky floating raft system on top of the 40 Wht. H2o filled 55 Gal. barrels on south wall. a set of 20 or so 55 Gal. soil filled vertical grow towers down the center floor E. to W.. I was thinking about adding a few walls like your design at intervals from N. to S. to form zones across the East west length so that we still get solar to everyone but also gain a bit of shade cooling in addition to the cross ventilation we have planed in with 2 windows on the W. end wall, 2 windows in the interior airlock wall and 1 window in the exterior east wall. We have air moving pipes planed to run up the N. wall to draw hot air from the peak of the roof line & move it under the various groups of heat sink Barrels. Also had the idea of berrying H2o filled barrels in a grow bed we have planed for just north of the greenhouse and running air through them and into the greenhouse at floor level to introduce pre cooled air ( after letting water barrels freeze up over our first winter ). We use this trick in our crawl space to supercharge our swamp cooler. ( I should post a video about that build ) Anyway I was wantting any ideas and advice you might have for us. Your Fan ThLinn

  • carlos garcia 1 year ago

    An organic, effective, way to eliminate two-spot spider mite is buying Percimilis mites or Californicus mites. They are predator mites and feed on the two spot spider mites eggs and the adults. Be adviced, do not release Californicus and persimilis together for Californicus will eat percimilis aswell.

  • askiro jaro 1 year ago

    what nutrient formula do you use for strawberries?

  • demongrunt7 1 year ago

    If you go to a gardening store looking for spider mite pesticides be prepared to have people thinking you are growing cannabis!

  • Kntryhart 1 year ago

    How do you over-winter plants in a tower?  I am in zone 5 where it can easily get down to -25 F. I do not have a suitable place to store inside.  Suggestions?