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In this video, you’ll get all the details of growing lettuce hydroponically, including growing preferences and our favorite varieties. Learn more about what crops grow in vertical farming here: Pick up your own ZipGrow Towers here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Crops for Hydroponics: StrawberriesBest Crops for Hydroponics: ParsleyBest Crops For Hydroponics: ChivesBest Crops for Vertical FarmingMetro Crops – Turning Old Factories into High Tech Lettuce Farms – Storrs ConnecticutBest Crops for Hydroponics: Mint

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  • Joshua Buker 8 months ago

    What ppm do you like to stay at for lettuce?

  • Loco-B 8 months ago

    imo. the visual appearance of crops grown in towers is unappealing. every crop turns out asymmetrical. I'm sticking with shelved horizontal nft channels. easier to clean and harvest

  • Ee-Yern Boo 8 months ago

    Is it possible to grow lettuce in a slightly warmer climate? around 30 celcius in the afternoon. These videos mention growing in a cool climate. At what temperature is it considered too hot?

  • Them Inc. 8 months ago

    Hi. Do you think it's possible to grow greens/ lettuce etc. in a greenhouse in the desert? If so is it worth it or should we stick to plants that love heat?

  • Hardik Chaudhary 8 months ago

    I would like to know the nutrient mixture for lettuce and is it same for different varieties of lettuce?
    Thank you.

  • Constance Lovejoy 8 months ago

    What are you spraying the aphids with? Scary you have to spray.