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Chives are a great grower in ZipGrow hydroponic and aquaponic systems. In this video, Dr. Nate Storey gives you the specifics about this rapidly growing, resilient crop. Grab our entire recommended crop list for .99 here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Crops for Hydroponics: StrawberriesBest Crops for Hydroponics: ParsleyBest Crops for Hydroponics: MintBest Crops for Vertical FarmingBest Crops For Hydroponics: LettuceEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food

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  • Bright Agrotech 1 year ago

    Hey +TOMAS SURIA – It just takes some digging into your local market, who is buying which crops, how much they're paying, and how much they would potentially pay for a value-added, hyper-local product. Did you catch our quick tip videos on this type of question? 
    1) QuickTip: How To Tell if a Market is Worth Attacking –
    2) Quick Tip: Which Market Should I Attack First? –

  • Ben Macnab 1 year ago

    great video. Really clear and concise

  • TOMAS SURIA 1 year ago

    How can you find out what the top markets are?

  • JoLi Farms 1 year ago

    Best Variety?

  • Richard Taylor 1 year ago

    Good stuff!  I just started some plugs with different chives.  I 'might' get this stuff right yet!  (Hey, it could happen!)  :)